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Five Dead, Several Wounded on Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: Iraq War Veteran Kills Five, Injures Dozen Others

A young Iraq war veteran opened fire at Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida on Friday, killing five people and wounding dozen others.

Fireworks And Light Show Rehearsal In Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland Faces Public Relations Crisis After Tragic Alligator Attack [VIDEO]

After a child was tragically dragged by an alligator into a lagoon at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, Disney is now facing a public relations crisis.

Katharine, the great white shark's last location was in Daytona Beach and Palm Coast in Florida.

Great White Shark Katharine Travelled Almost 29,000 Miles, Possibly Pregnant

Researchers who have been monitoring Katharine, the great white shark, reveals how she could be pregnant, also showing a glimpse of her migratory routes.

This storm is recorded at 7000 frames per second and the playback speed is 700 frames per second.

Watch Incredible Lightning Strike Video at 7000 Frames Per Second

Researchers used a high speed camera to capture lightning strikes, revealing stunning footage of this natural event.

Nile crocodile in Ethiopia.

Killer Nile Crocodiles Could Now Be Invading Florida Everglades

A new study reveals how a new invasive species could be taking over Florida, as researchers found four Nile crocodiles in the Everglades.

Partly reassembled mastodon tusk from the Page-Ladson site in northwestern Florida. Curvature and size show this is an upper left tusk of a mature male mastodon. Tusk pieces held in place by Jessi Halligan of Florida State University (left), with assistan

Mastodon Tusk Reveals Ancient Humans Arrived in America Earlier Than First Thought

New discoveries involving ancient tools and a mastodon's tusk reveal how early humans first arrived in Florida before the Clovis culture.

Because of its relatively cheap price and wide availability,

'$5 Insanity' Drug From China Reigns in the International Market

Known by its street name of "$5 insanity" because of its cheap and affordable price, a China-made designer drug otherwise called Flakka, which is reportedly more potent than crystal meth, is leading the upsurge of synthetic drugs use across western countries.

Are Spitting Armadillos Responsible For Surge In Florida Leprosy Cases?

Are Spitting Armadillos Responsible For Surge In Florida Leprosy Cases?

Armadillos are being held responsible for the soaring cases of leprosy all over Florida this year.

Florida Hacking Incident

Cellphone Dispute Prompts 80-Year-Old Homeless Man to Hack 70-Year-Old in Florida

An 80-year-old homeless man proved that he was ready to kill for his cellphone when he hacked and slashed a 70-year-old man he accused of stealing his mobile phone, the police in Hialeah, Florida said.

Bathers relax on Pensacola Beach, Florida

Florida Flesh-Eating Bacteria: 2 Dead, 8 Infected; Beach Lovers Warned

A flesh-eating bacteria is invading Florida waters, killing two people and infecting eight, according to The Florida Department of Health. The flesh-eating bacteria, also called vibro vulnificus, is reportedly a bacteria thriving in warm seawater.

Burmese Python

Experts Track Burmese Pythons That Decimate Everglades' Native Species

In a comprehensive tracking study on Burmese pythons in Florida, experts have identified their home range, which is important in helping them rid of the invasive species in the Everglades National Park.

Pasco Mom Charged With Child Abuse For Setting Up Fight For 13-Year-Old Daughter

A mother from Pasco County, Florida has been charged with child abuse, battery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after setting up a fight for her 13-year-old daughter.

Canadian Diplomat's Teen Son Charged With Murder In Florida

A Canadian diplomat's teen son has been charged with murder in Florida, over the death of his brother and a suspected drug dealer, in a drug-related shootout.

Panama City Spring Break Beach Party

University Suspends Students Charged In Florida Beach Gang Rape

Troy University suspended over the weekend two students charged with sexually assaulting a woman, while hundreds of people watch a gang rape the victim. Suspended were 22-year-old Delonte Martistee, a senior student and from Bainbridge, Georgia, and 23-year-old Ryan Calhoun, a sophomore student and from Mobile, Alabama.

Panama City Spring Break Beach Party

Hundreds Witnessed Florida Beach Gang Rape; 2 Students Nabbed

A gang rape in broad daylight added to the reasons why authorities should be stricter against alcohol sales and parties in Florida's Panama City Beach.

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