China Tops PlayStation VR Pre-order in Asia

By | Oct 17, 2016 01:54 AM EDT
A new PlayStation VR is displayed at Sony Square NYC on October 13, 2016 in New York City.

A new PlayStation VR is displayed at Sony Square NYC on October 13, 2016 in New York City. (Photo : Getty Images)

China has topped the pre-order volume for PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) sets in Asia as console players sought first-hand experiences from the virtual reality device, China People's Daily reported.

"For the first time, the shipping date in China was the same as some of the leading markets around the globe, since the country's VR market has high potential for Sony," Hiroyuki Oda, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan/Asia, said in a Beijing event.

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The company claimed that a total of two rounds of pre-orders were sold out in just three days. And although no official figures were posted, Shawn Layden, the device's America chief, said that PlayStation is earning on its PlayStation VR hardware at launch.

Industry experts even predict that if such sales boom continues in the following orders, global shipment for PlayStation VR is expected to reach as much as two million units by year end.

Meanwhile, Sony also launched 12 VR games available for download in China, and four of these were developed by local team players. Of note, VR-ready games are Sony's main sources for profit than the hardware.

The headset was available for pre-order late in July for 2,999 yuan ($450) per VR set. Pre-orders can be made at online distribution channels and 22 Sony stores across the country, the Manila Bulletin reported.

In 2015, China's VR set was worth 1.54 billion yuan ($236 million). Industry analysts expect the figure to more than triple to 5 billion yuan ($742.4 million) this year.

Consulting company International Data Corp. also forecasts that other key products from Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Oculus will generate hardware revenues of up to $2.3 billion globally by this year.

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