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US Marines in Combat in Asia will Ride Special ATVs

UTV is the first such vehicle designed specifically for infantry Marines.


Asia Deployment of USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group Extended Amid Festering North Korea Crisis

He said the mission of CSG-1 is to reassure America's allies and partners of the country's steadfast commitment to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

Hi, China and North Korea

US Deploying its Largest Military Aerial Drone to Asia to Spy on China and North Korea

The U.S. Air Force will boost its intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities against both China and North Korea.


China wants Peace and Stability in Asia but on its Terms, says White Paper

It also outlines China's concept of "common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security."

Emperor Akihito

Japan's Emperor Akihito Could Abdicate at End of 2018

Japan's Emperor Akihito could abdicate at the end of 2018 and allow his eldest son, Prince Naruhito, to ascend the Chrysanthemum throne.

US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter

US 'will Shoot Down' North Korean Missiles: US Defense Secretary Ash Carter

On Sunday, the North Korean government declared that it has the capabilities to test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at any time and from any location decided by its leader Kim Jong Un.

Indian Police Officers

Bangalore Police Chief Casts Doubt on New Year's Eve 'Mass Molestation'

Bangalore's police chief said this week that authorities have not found any evidence of a "mass molestation" taking place in the south Indian city on New Year's Eve.

Ivory products

China Sees a Boon for Ivory Trade Ban

Chinese leaders are aware that taking action on environmental issues such as climate change and illegal wildlife trade will help cement China as a global superpower.

Ethnic Uighur women pass near armed Chinese policemen

Chinese Police Kill 4 over Xinjiang Attack

Chinese police officials shot dead four people who allegedly carried out an attack on a Communist party office in Karakax county, deep in southern Xinjiang's Uighur heartland, on Wednesday, the bloodiest reported attack in months in the region.

Singapore tops latest PISA education survey

PISA Test 2016: Singapore Tops International Education Rankings; East Asia dominates

Teenagers from Singapore led the ranks of best-performing students in the Organization of Economic Cooperation Development's survey on international education, followed by Japan, Estonia, Finland and Canada.

Chinese steel

China now Preferred Supplier of Warships to Developing Nations

There are no conditions attached to the export of any equipment or technology from China.

A new PlayStation VR is displayed at Sony Square NYC on October 13, 2016 in New York City.

China Tops PlayStation VR Pre-order in Asia

China has topped the pre-order volume for PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) sets in Asia as console players sought first-hand experiences from the virtual reality device, China People's Daily reported.

Asian shark

US Navy to Deploy New Virginia-class Attack Submarines to Asia

The U.S. Navy's decision to pivot its attack sub fleet to Asia is vital given China's growing ability to hit the United States with a nuclear missiles fired from its SSBNs.

In a recent series of investment run, NextVR managed to put amass $80 million.

NextVR Pushes Through Asian Market With Latest $80 Million Funding Run

NextVR, the company, aiming to establish a place in the Asian market has amassed $80 million through a series of recent investments.

People playing Pokemon Go on their smartphones as the mobile game takes the world by storm.

Pokémon Go Now Available in 15 Asian Countries, Except India and China

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm ever since its release last month and Pokémon fans in Asia also need not wait any longer after the hit augmented-reality location-based game went live 15 more countries in the continent.

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