Samsung Starts 10nm Microchip Production; Chip Mostly Likely to Power Galaxy S8

By | Oct 18, 2016 02:57 PM EDT

Samsung's 10nm chips are likely to be used to power the rumored Galaxy S8 device.(Photo : Getty Images.)

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has started production of microchips using the 10-nanometer process.

Samsung said that this new-generation chips are expected to power new IT products which will hit the market early next year. This has sparked speculation about the possibility of 10nm chips powering the rumored Galaxy S8 device.

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Samsung said that compared to the 14nm process, the new 10nm process can upgrade performance by up to 27 percent and energy consumption lowered down to about 40 percent. Samsung added that the new process will allow the company to squeeze in around 30 percent more chips per wafer.

Aside from employing the new processing method for the production of microchip products, according to ZDNet, Samsung is also using a new method called triple patterning. In this method, patterns of circuit are first drawn into the wafer before being processed for cutting, and this is done three times to ensure precision.

Samsung said that the new process is still in its early first generation phase. The company added that it is still working on the technology so that it can launch commercial products that use the second generation process by next year.

Samsung is also open to work with clients and third-party partners to authenticate the new 10nm design tools and expand the foundry. Samsung added that is also open to contract-making to spread the use of this new process. Samsung's 14nm second generation process was used earlier this year to manufacture chips for Qualcomm.

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