Here Comes the World’s First ‘Instant Beer’

By | Oct 18, 2016 07:21 PM EDT
Is it beer?

Fresh out of the lab: the world's first powdered instant beer. (Photo : To Øl Brewery)

A "gypsy brewery" in Denmark has managed to create the world's first "instant beer" in powder form.

Like most instant products like instant coffee, powdered instant beer becomes beer when a liquid is added. In this case, the liquids are water alcohol. The amount of liquid you use is up to you.

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The beer created by the two owners of "To Øl Brewery" in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, isn't ready to market, however. It's a proof of concept both men said they'll continue to refine. But is there a market for powdered instant beer? Probably not considering how fanatical Beer Lovers are.

Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther have branded their prototype "To Øl Instant Craft Beer." The word "To Øl" is Danish for two beers.

They describe their "company" as a gypsy brewery. What that means is "we don't own our own brewing facilities but lend in at other breweries with spare capacity," they explained. But they do have a website.

A gypsy brewery is also called a Pirate/Nomad/Contract/Gold Digger Brewery.

These gypsy entrepreneurs made their instant beer by freeze-drying four different beers to separate the dry components -- sugars, bitter compounds, and flavor elements -- from the water and alcohol.

The four beers they selected were "a heavy deep beer brewed with coffee, a fruity IPA brewed with different tropical fruits, a Wild Yeast hop forward IPAs and a fairly dry pilsner."

Separating the alcohol from the dry components allows consumers to customize the beer they drink, adding their own water and whatever alcohol they want. Jensen and Gynther added mezcal to the powdered instant beer they tested. Mezcal is a wine made in Mexico derived from the agave plant.

The duo created powdered instant beer so people can enjoy beer in places where it would be logistically difficult to enjoy beer, such as when mountain climbing or when aboard a plane.

They said they teamed-up with GEA to make To Øl Instant Craft Beer to facilitate a larger scale freeze drying capacity. They said GEA are the experts in freeze drying.

GEA, which is based in Copenhagen, is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and for a wide range of other industries.

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