Dominos Japan Will Soon Deliver Pizzas... With Reindeers! [VIDEO]

By | Nov 28, 2016 06:36 PM EST
Dominos Japan to delivery pizzas... by reindeer.

Dominos Japan is testing out pizza delivery using reindeer for the coming holiday season.(Photo : Dominos Japan)

Just as it is in the U.S., people in Japan are very enthusiastic about Christmas. But unlike the U.S., the Japanese are also notorious for coming up with the craziest promotional ideas.

This holiday season, prepare to see not Santa but reindeer pulling sleds down your street with your fresh Dominos pizza wherever you are in Japan.

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Dominos Japan posted a video (above) of the reindeer being trained. While the initial training looks somewhat awkward, by the end of the video, the pizza-pulling reindeer look surprisingly normal. 

The company is training a reindeer for the job. At the same time, they are coordinating the reindeer and their sleds with the company's GPS Driver Tracker, which allows customers to watch their delivery guys in real-time.

Dominos Japa is not reportedly not just doing this for marketing and branding purposes. Believe it or not, the idea for the reindeer stems from logistics issues. Simply put, it is just easier and safer to use sleds and, yes, reindeer than bikes to deliver pizzas during snowy weather.

Beginning in December, the icons on the app's map will be changed to reindeer icons (as seen in the video).

With this new gimmick, expect to see Dominos Japan dominate pizza sales as Christmas approaches. If only we can have this in America, too!

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