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Soon, Number 2

Japan’s New Supercomputer will Eclipse China’s Sunway TaihuLight as World’s Fastest

"The supercomputer that is currently under development would take up about 1,000 square meters of floor space," said Sekiguchi.

Arms sales

Japan Boosting Arms Sales to Southeast Asian Nations as Part of Anti-China Strategy

"Ensuring safety of navigation and flight contributes to the peace and prosperity of Japan and international society."


World’s Most Luxurious Train, and Most Expensive Train Ride, Opens in Japan

A ticket costs from $2,860 to $10,000, depending on the itinerary.

US, India, and Japan will conduct trilateral naval drills in this July and China is growing suspicious.

India, US, Japan to Conduct Trilateral Naval Drills; China Expected to Closely Monitor Exercises

India and the US are ready to carry out its naval exercise in the Malabar in the Bay of Bengal this coming July. Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force will also join the naval drill that will be more sophisticated than all previous editions.

More work

Japan Reports Record Interceptions of Chinese Military Aircraft over East China Sea

Japan is concerned the stepped-up pace of PLAAF air patrols are also meant to test the air defenses protecting Tokyo.

Japan is considering of relaxing its visa policies to attract more Chinese tourists.

Japan Considers Easing Visa Restrictions to Attract Chinese Tourists: Report

Japan is reportedly considering to attract more Chinese tourists by easing restrictions on visas, three sources with direct knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.


China Warns US' B1-B Lancer Bomber Flyover in Disputed Airspace

China issued a radio warning on Tuesday to an American B1-B Lancer Bomber flying over the contested East China Sea last week, complaining that the bomber illegally entered China's airspace and ordered it to leave.


US F-35s Carry-out Bombing Drills in South Korea; SEAL Team Six Practices Raid to Kill Kim Jong-un

At least eight of these F-35Bs took part in a simulation-based precision bombing drill.


China Practicing Surprise Missile Attacks on Two Largest US Military Bases in Japan

China has built a mock-up of portions of the key U.S. military naval base at Yokosuka.

Turkey shooters

US and Asian Countries Operating the F-35 Plan Combat Use of Stealth Fighter vs China

"This symposium marks an exciting new chapter in Pacific combat capability."

Japan’s Largest Warship Carrier to Conduct Exercise in South China Sea.

Japan’s Largest Warship Carrier Will Conduct Exercise in South China Sea: Report

Japan plans to send its largest warship carrier for a long naval exercise tour that will see it travel across several important Asian regions including the disputed South China Sea region. The three-month-long tour that is set to begin in May is being touted as Tokyo's biggest show of naval strength in the region since World War II.

Japan and South Korea in its cross hairs

South Korea and Japan now Threatened by China’s DF-16 Ballistic Missiles

PLARF seems to place great faith in the DF-16.

President Trump Holds Joint Press Conference With Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

China Criticizes Japan's Move to Seek US Aid for East China Sea Dispute

China warned Japan on Monday to refrain from seeking US support for the disputed islands in the East China Sea under the mutual defense treaty. The remark came after Tokyo got continued US backing during Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's meeting with US President Donald Trump over the weekend.

Japan to Protest North Korea’s latest Missile Test Via China.

Japan Will Protest North Korea’s latest Missile Test via China

Japan will lodge a diplomatic protest over North Korea's latest missile test through China, its top cabinet official told reporters on Sunday, soon after the isolated communist country fired a 500 km range ballistic missile.

Donald Trump Assures Japan.

Trump Pacifies Japan after making a courtesy Call to China’s Xi

After patching up with China earlier this week, U.S President Donald Trump turned towards Japan on Friday to assure that it will continue to defend its close ally in the Asia Pacific region.

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