Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Roads of Arabia Expo' Lands in Beijing

The "Road of Arabia Expo" showcases some sculptures and statues that represent the history of Saudi Arabia.

(Photo : Getty Images) The "Road of Arabia Expo" showcases some sculptures and statues that represent the history of Saudi Arabia.

The 'Road of Arabia Expo', an exhibition of Saudi Arabian artifacts, has come to the Asian market for the first time after it landed in the National Museum of China in Beijing on Tuesday.

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The exhibition, which is expected to continue until March 19 next year, will showcase over 466 archeological pieces that highlight the history of Saudi Arabia, from the Stone Age to Pre-Islamic and Islamic and even to the current modern state.

Presiding over the occasion, President of the Commission for Tourism and National Heritage of Saudi Arabia, Prince Sultan Bin Salman, explained that the event was a forum for the two countries to establish a link in cultures, as reported by Saudi Gazette.

"The purpose of this exhibition is to brief the people of China on some of the highlights of Saudi Arabia," Salaman said. "Saudi Arabia is not only an oil exporter but a nation based on rich legacy and civilization."

Luo Shugang, the Chinese Minister of Culture, and Saudi Aramco Vice President Nasser A. Al-Nafisee also attended the exhibit.

"Our historically close ties extend to our common aspirations in connection to the Silk Road Economic Belt," Al-Nafisee said. "But also, the overall development of the Chinese and Saudi people who are our most precious resource."

The artifacts were acquired from the National Museum in Riyadh, King Saud University Museum, among other museums, according to Al-Nafisee.

Most of the items displayed in Beijing are being showcased outside of Saudi Arabia for the first time, CCTV noted. Items vary from ornate pottery and monumental statues to jewelries worn by a young girl buried some 300 years ago.

Beijing is the first stop of the exhibition's Asian leg and the 11th after being held across four European countries and five US cities.

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