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Saudi Arabia

More power

$350 Billion Arms Deal with US Makes Saudi Arabia the Islamic Military Superpower

Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia and Shiite-majority Iran are locked in a bitter and deadly sectarian feud expressed in raging proxy wars in Yemen and Syria.


Saudi Arabia and US Sign Largest Weapons Deal in History

The weapons will be put to use in the Yemeni Civil War.

More war

Saudi Arabia Establishes Huge Company to Supply Weapons for its Growing Military Campaigns

The creation of SAMI will also provide material support to the newly established Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (also known as the Islamic Military Alliance or IMA).

Chinese influence

Saudi Arabia’s First Domestic Long-distance UAV Fires Only Chinese-made Missiles and Bombs

The UAV will see action against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen fighting against a Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab nations.

To Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Army Set to Deploy 5,000 Men to Protect Saudi Arabia from Houthis

Gen. Raheel Sharif, retired Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of the Pakistan Army, now leads the IMA as its first Commander-in-Chief.

Saudi Arabia To Get First Chinese Drone Factory.

A Chinese Military Drone Factory will Soon Come up in Saudi Arabia: Report

Saudi Arabia will get a first Chinese drone factory, after two countries signed an agreement to this effect during Saudi monarch's visit to China earlier this month.

Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China.

After Saudi Monarch, Israel PM Netanyahu Arrives in China

Barely days after Saudi monarch completed his maiden visit to China, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Beijing on Monday. Netanyahu was welcomed at the historic Great Hall of the People by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

Bad day

Royal Saudi Navy Frigate Badly Damaged in Houthi Attack; Iran Claims Chinese-made C-802 Missile Hit Warship

The C-802 is the export version of China's YJ-8 AShM and carries a 190 kg warhead.

High spy

Saudi Arabia Buys Airships from the US to Spy on Houthis in Yemen

PTDS is basically a wide-area, secure communications backbone for the integration of threat reporting from multiple available sensors.

Saudi Women

Cinemas Could Lead to 'Rotten or Atheistic' Foreign Films, Mixing of Sexes: Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti

In a move that could potentially complicate government efforts to introduce cultural reforms to the conservative kingdom, Saudi Arabia's top religious authority on Saturday said that cinemas and singing concerts are harmful and corrupting.

WElcome to the desert

Chinese Naval Squadron on Goodwill Visit to Saudi Arabia and Middle East Countries

Jeddah is home base to the Royal Saudi Navy's Western Fleet.


'Roads of Arabia Expo' Lands in Beijing

The 'Road of Arabia Expo', an exhibition of Saudi Arabian artifacts, has come to the Asian market for the first time after it landed in the National Museum of China in Beijing on Tuesday.

Not good

Saudis Losing More and More Abrams Tanks to Russian/Iranian Anti-Tank Missiles in Yemen

That little known but vicious campaign has seen Saudi military deaths exceed 430 men.

Muslims like them

China is Top Combat Aerial Drone Supplier to Muslim Military Powers

Iraq is the leading combat operator of the CH-4.


Sunni Air Power Boosted Big Time with F-15 and F/A-18 Purchases by Kuwait and Qatar

Both the Kuwait Air Force and the Qatar Air Force are part of the Saudi Arabia coalition involved in the year-old Yemini Civil War.

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