Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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China to Beef up Security at Pakistan Border to Curb Terror in Xinjiang Province

China seals Sino-Pakistan Border.

(Photo : Getty Images) As a counter-terrorism measure, China has decided to seal the Sino-Pakistan border to curb terrorism in Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province.

The security along the Sino-Pakistan border would be further tightened in a desperate bid to curb terrorist activities in China's Muslim-dominated Xinjiang province, according to Chinese state media. The decision comes barely weeks after a terrorist attack occurred in the region that left five people dead.

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The state media reported that Xinjiang's Chairman Shohrat Zakir made a pledge during a public speech that security along the China-Pakistan border would be beefed up "to prevent terrorists from entering or leaving the region illegally in 2017."

Zakir claimed that local officials have already stepped up its efforts at entry-exit level to stop illegal movements of people across the border.

Pakistan so far has not issued any statement over the report.

Several local officials including the Communist Party head of Kashgar prefecture, which borders Pakistan, have been raising concerns over laxed border security following the terrorist attack on Dec. 28.

These concerns in a way openly signify displeasure towards Pakistan, whom China considers as its strategic ally in South Asia. China has been continuously pressurising Islamabad to curb the inflow of terrorists through its border region in Xinjiang province.

However, China and Pakistan have not gone public over the sensitive issue, especially due to their immensely close friendship that is mainly driven by their geo-political interest. But Pakistan officially maintains that it is ready to address Beijing's concerns on terrorism.

It must be noted that last year, China and Pakistan armies had also conducted a joint military operation in Xinjiang province. The aim of the operation was to enhance both armies counter terrorism skills.

Xinjiang province over the years has become a major security headache for China, with Uighur Muslim separatists fighting low intensity insurgency war against Chinese government. The government fears that this low insurgency may get a further push due to Xinjiang's proximity with terrorism porn regions like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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