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Chinese Health Authorities Issues Dire Warning over Fast Spreading Bird Flu Virus

  | Feb 22, 2017 06:00 AM EST

The Chinese health authorities have virtually raised a red flag over the fast spreading Bird Flu virus across the country, admitting for the first time that the deadly virus has already spread across half of China. read more

Dalian Wanda’s Acquisition Deal of Dick Clark Productions hits a Regulatory Snag

  | Feb 22, 2017 05:00 AM EST

The Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda is reportedly facing regulatory hurdles to wrap up the $1bn buyout of the U.S production company Dick Clark Productions. read more

NSG and Masood Azhar Issues set to Dominate India - China Strategic Dialogue

  | Feb 21, 2017 09:05 AM EST

India and China are slated to start the India - China Strategic Dialogue on Feb 22. The contagious issues of Masood Azhar and NSG are expected to dominate the proceedings. read more

Chinese Media Cautions South Korea’s Lotte Group over THAAD Deployment

  | Feb 21, 2017 06:20 AM EST

Chinese media has warned South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group that it may have to face big financial losses, if it does not stall the ongoing negotiation with South Korean government over the deployment of the THAAD missile. read more

All Vehicles in Xinjiang’s Bayingol Prefecture Ordered to Install GPS Tracking System

  | Feb 21, 2017 05:50 AM EST

Chinese authorities have ordered that all vehicles in in Bayingol prefecture in Xinjiang province have to install 'satellite navigation system' before June 30. read more

Taiwan Says Spain’s Decision to Deport 200 Taiwanese Citizens to China is ‘Deeply Regretful’

  | Feb 20, 2017 01:11 PM EST

Taiwan on Saturday described the Spanish government's decision to deport 200 Taiwanese citizens to Mainland China as "deeply regretful." This is the latest deportation saga in the multi-billion dollar telephone ring scandal that forced several countries to deport dozens of Taiwanese citizens to China last year. read more

India is not Competing with China to win over Foreign Allies: Indian Vice President

  | Feb 20, 2017 06:27 AM EST

India is not in competition with China in pursuing cooperation with foreign nations, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari told Indian reporters on enroute to five day tour to African countries Rwanda and Uganda. read more

China Holds Massive Anti-Terrorism Rally in Muslim-Dominated Xinjiang Province

  | Feb 20, 2017 04:43 AM EST

Chinese security forces staged another mass anti-terror rally in the insurgency-prone Xinjiang Province in response to the recent rise in the violence in the region. Nearly 10 people were killed and scores injured in China's only Muslim-dominated province in two separate violent incidents over the past two months. read more

China’s oil Juggernaut CNPC Snaps up 8 percent Stake in Abu Dhabi’s Oil Venture

  | Feb 20, 2017 01:47 AM EST

China's state owned oil and petroleum giant The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) has snapped an 8 percent stake in Abu Dhabi's largest oil concession in a deal that is worth estimated to be $1.77 billion. read more

China Orders Complete ban on Coal Shipments From North Korea

  | Feb 18, 2017 03:15 PM EST

China has announced a complete suspension of coal imports from North Korea in its latest effort to fully comply with the United Nation's (UN) sanctions. The move is seen as a retaliatory measure against Pyongyang's latest missile test that was carried out earlier this week. read more

China Again Calls for Resumption of 6-Party Talks on North Korea Nuclear Issue

  | Feb 18, 2017 03:05 PM EST

China on Friday urged the U.S. and other concerned parties to revive the six party talks with North Korea claiming that the United Nation's sanctions may not yield desirable results, without pursuing long term negotiations. read more

HNA Group Picks up 3.04 Percent Stake in Deutsche Bank

  | Feb 18, 2017 02:47 PM EST

Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has snapped up a 3.04 percent stake in Deutsche Bank, marking its latest acquisition. The minority stake will make the aviation and shipping company one of the largest shareholders in the embattled German financial firm. read more

Wang Yi Meets US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; North Korea Issue Dominates

  | Feb 18, 2017 06:14 AM EST

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday on sidelines of the G20 meeting. The issue of North Kores dominated the first high level meeting between the two countries since U.S President Donald Trump assumed the office. read more

China Demands ‘Solid Evidence’ From India on Masood Azhar Issue

  | Feb 18, 2017 06:14 AM EST

China on Friday categorically said that it needs 'solid evidence' to back India's efforts to get a United Nation's (UN) ban on the Pakistani leader Masood Azhar. read more

Bird Flu Crisis: China Shuts Down Poultry Markets in South Central Region

  | Feb 17, 2017 11:40 AM EST

Chinese authorities have ordered the closure of live poultry markets in the south central region amid growing fear over fast-spreading bird flu virus. The H7N9 virus has already killed nearly 100 people across China, the highest death toll numbers in recent years, according to latest data released by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. read more

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