Chinese School Introduces 'Grade Bank' System to Lessen Exam Pressure on Students

By | Jan 14, 2017 09:21 AM EST
Chinese School Starts “Grade Bank” System.

A Chinese school in eastern China has introduced a unique “Grade Bank” system to minimize the exam pressure on students. (Photo : Getty Images)

A Chinese school in eastern China has come up with a unique solution to lessen exam pressure on their students, which if successful may soon become precedent across educational institutions in the country.

The Nanjing Number One School has introduced a "Grade Bank" system to allow students to borrow grades, allowing them to easily pass their exams. The school will apply this grade bank system only on the top 49 ranked students, as they tend to face more exam pressure.

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However, these Chinese students certainly would not get to borrow the marks for free. They will have to repay the "borrowed marks" in subsequent exams. In case they could not pay on time, they will be charged interest and also be blacklisted if they fail to clear their debt.

Most students in the Nanjing Number One School have reportedly welcomed the move.

One student told local Chinese media: "I was sick before the mid-term exams and missed several geography classes. I failed the exam, so I am glad the 'grades bank' gave me a chance to fix that."

China's online community also seemed to have welcomed the unique system, with majority of them claiming that it will certainly help Chinese students to cope with exam pressure in a more positive way.

However, critics argued that it may also make students immensely lazy and less diligent in exam preparation.

Over the years, debates have been raging in Chinese society on how to make exam pressures more bearable for schools students. These debates gained momentum especially after several reports started surfacing in Chinese media about students committing suicide and facing immense depression.

Most of the suicide and depression reports are related to the much dreaded 'Gaokao' exam, a national level exam that Chinese students have to appear in the final year of school.

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