More Chinese People Want to Become Actors

By | Feb 09, 2017 03:22 PM EST
Chinese actors

Hong Kong star Stephen Chow answers questions during a news conference at a university in Beijing, China. (Photo : China Photos/Getty Images))

China is expected to produce more actors in the coming years and this would provide a boost to the country's showbiz industry.

More than 38,000 aspiring actors are battling it out for the 499 students slots at the Beijing Film Academy this year, China Daily reported. 

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According to the top Chinese film school, this year's batch of contenders were 7,744 more as compared to previous years.

More and more young Chinese actors are being lured into the profession due to the promise of fortune and fame.

In fact, more than 8,500 are expected to take the school's entrance exams, an indication of the high demand for Chinese actors.

Aside from having 62 more places, four new majors were opened including radio and television directing, and arts in digital media.

Aside from the Beijing Film Academy, other prestigious art colleges such as the Central Academy of Drama opened this week.

The academy reported that it had a record high 36,000 examinees. 

However, only one in 246 examinees will earn a slot on the school's drama and film performance class.

It is worth noting that China's box office earnings reached 45.71 billion yuan ($6.58 billion) in 2016, which has been a boon for Chinese actors.

The country's box movie industry has been posting a steady growth rate of 3.73 percent year on year, with 1.37 billion people going to the cinema.

In the meantime, Singaporean actor Mark Lee plans to enroll in an acting course in Beijing to improve and widen his acting skills, reported Malaysia Online.

Aside from the usual comical roles he portrays, Lee also wants to take on more challenging roles.

"I'm planning on taking acting class in Beijing. I heard from my friend in Shanghai that there is a really good acting school there," the actor said.

This should inspire Chinese actors to further improve their craft and encourage more students to enroll in the country's top acting schools. 

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