Chinese Soldier’s Emotional Home Coming After Living five Decades in India

By | Feb 11, 2017 10:54 PM EST
Wang Qi's Emotional Home Coming to China.

Chinese solider Wang Qi's wish was finally fulfilled as he touched down at Beijing airport on Saturday after spending almost six decades in rival country India. (Photo : Getty Images. )

Wang Qi, 77, is a Chinese solider, who spent most of his adult life in the rival country 'India.' Ironically, he did not live in the enemy country as an undercover agent, but as a dignified citizen who courted a marriage and raised a happy family along the way. 

But despite living a happily married life in India, Wang always craved to go back to his home country where his roots and identities were still deeply entrenched. This wish finally came true after he and his family landed in Beijing on Saturday to seek a long cherished re-union with his kin and family members.     

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Wang Qi arrived at the Beijing airport along with his son Vishnu Wang, daughter-in-law Neha and granddaughter Khanak Wang.  They were all received by their close relatives and besides officials of the China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indian embassy.

"It was an emotional reunion," an official present at the Beijing airport told Indian news agency.

According to information provided by the Indian officials, Wang and his family be flown to Xian city, the provincial capital in Shaanxi province, from there they will be taken to their native village Xue Zhai Nan Cun.

Wang Qi got stuck in India after Sino-India 1962 war  

Wang's destiny changed forever when he accidently crossed the Indian border in 1962, when India and China fought a deadly war. Although the war had got over by the time Wang crossed the Indian border, but this hardly stopped Indian authorities from jailing him.

He languished in Indian jail for seven long years before he was released in 1969. The release gave Wang another shot at life, though this life came with many financial hiccups that tested his survival instincts to the core. 

The embattled Chinese solider was rewarded very well for enduring these testing times, as he landed a job as a watchman and soon got married to a Indian citizen Shushila. He spent most of his life in India in Tirodi village of Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh state.        

The trials and tribulations of Wang Qi have been very well documented by Indian media. But it took a documentary feature on BBC channel for Chinese social media to take note of this forgotten solider.      

The documentary prompted the Chinese government to facilitate the home return of this forgotten solider. However, it took long time for Indian and Chinese authorities to work out the necessary modalities for facilitating wang's return to his motherland.  

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