Chinese Media on India’s Latest Space Milestone: Bravo, but We are way Ahead

By | Feb 16, 2017 05:50 AM EST
Chinese Media Lauds India’s latest Space Milestone.

Chinese state owned tabloid on Thursday showered praises on ISRO's latest record breaking achievement, but remained that China is still way ahead in space technology. (Photo : Getty Images. )

Chinese state owned tabloid on Thursday generously praised Indian space agency's latest record breaking achievement of putting over 100 satellites into space at one go. However, these praises were quickly followed with some stinging criticisms on Indian space program and also on improvised economic condition existing across the country.          

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The Global Times published the article barely 24 hours after the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) propelled 104 satellites into space in a single attempt.  

"This is perhaps the first widely followed world record India has made in the field of space technology. The Indians have reason to be proud," the influential tabloid said in the article.   

It also heaped praises on India's soaring yet pragmatic ambitions, adding that there are many valuable lessons to be drawn from India.

However, the article soon turned soar as it picked up some glaring holes in the neighbouring country's space program by claiming that "India's space technology still lags behind the US' and China's."

It quipped that its Asian neighbour has still not put an astronaut in the space and nor is it anywhere near establishing its own space station.  Comparatively, China so far has sent six manned mission into space and is well on its way to establish its first permanent space station by 2020.

The nationalistic tabloid soon diverted its focus on India's economic woes. It said that India's recent space achievements stands completely in contrast to harsh fact that it has highest number of poor people in the world.

"India's Achilles' heel is its relatively small economic scale and a weak foundation for national development," it added. India and China have been locked in a ferocious space war for over one decade or so, as both Asian giants are trying to pip each other in establishing itself as 'a space superpower. ' Most space analysts unanimously agree that China has managed to forge ahead of its Asian counterpart in the ongoing space war.

However, India leapfrogged its Asian space rival in 2013 by becoming the first Asian country to successfully send an orbiter in Mar's orbit zone. 

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