Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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China Gives Stern Warning to US After Gray Eagle Attack Drone Deployment

US deployed its Gray Eagle attack drone to South Korea.

(Photo : YouTube) US deployed its Gray Eagle attack drone to South Korea.

China gave a stern warning to the United States after the US military deployed its new Gray Eagle attack drone in South Korea.

"Concern countries that truly want peace and stability in the region should hit the brakes and try to put out the fire," Hua Chunying, Beijing's deputy director of the Foreign Ministry, said on Tuesday.

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"At present the situation on the Korean peninsula is very complicated and sensitive. Even for China, the situation is too complex," the Chinese official noted.

Hua also said that the current situation is not a perfect time to add fuel to the fire, referring to the recent Gray Eagle attack drone deployment. He further reminded that it is the common responsibility of each country to maintain the peace and stability in the Korean peninsula. Each country should then help not to aggravate the tensions already forming in the peninsula, according to UPI.

The Gray Eagle attack drone will be permanently stationed at the Kunsan Air Base in Seoul. The drone aims to enhance strike capabilities against ground targets in North Korea and strengthen intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability of both American and South Korean forces, the US military in South Korean said.

The drone deployment comes a week after Pyongyang conducted a test salvo of four missiles that landed on the coast of Japan, as well as on a day before US Secretary Rex Tillerson started on a tour of region dubbed as the world's most dangerous corner, The Guardian noted.

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle, which is the enhanced version of the Predator drone, is a medium-altitude long-endurance manned aircraft system that is capable of non-stop flying at a maximum speed of 170 mph for 30 hours. It could also carry out a 24-hour flight and surveillance across the Korean peninsula.

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