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Sky spy

Crashed North Korean Spy Drone Took Photos of THAAD Site in South Korea

Defense ministry official said they were trying to determine if the drone transmitted its photos of the THAAD site back to North Korea.

Fire in the sky

South Korea Halts Deployment of THAAD

"We do not view the deployment process as urgent enough to bypass the whole environmental impact assessment," he said.

Missile Defense Agency Expected To Test Missile

China Test-Fires new Generation Ballistic Missile Near North Korea

The Chinese Ministry of National Defense revealed on Wednesday that the military has successfully test-fired a new type of missile in the Bohai Sea, the interior gulf of the Yellow Sea between China and North Korea.

THAAD Anti-Ballistic Missile System

North Korea Testing Tactics to Defeat THAAD and Patriot

Another North Korean tactic was to salvo launch more than two missiles simultaneously.

South Korea Re-enacts Korean War Battle To Mark 63rd Anniversary

China Urges its Netizens in North Korea to Return Home: Report

China has advised its netizens in North Korea to return home as a potential military clash between the United States, and Pyongyang looms, according to a source.

S. Korea Begins Process To Deploy THAAD

China Calls for the Immediate US Missile Shield Suspension

China demanded on Tuesday for the immediate suspension of a controversial United States missile shield a few hours after Washington announced that the defense system was now operation in South Korea.


China, Russia say US has Built a Global Anti-Missile Shield that Renders Them Powerless

He claims the real reason the U.S. wants the THAAD system South Korea is to make way for its global anti-missile system.

China is reportedly using hackers to target THAAD, a US missile defense system installed in South Korea.

China Uses Hackers to Attack US Missile System THAAD in South Korea, Research Says

American cybersecurity firm FireEye told The Wall Street Journal that China has used hackers to target the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), US' missile defense system installed in South Korea.

Feared by China and Russia

Chinese and Russian Armed Forces Accuse US of Duplicity in THAAD Deployment to South Korea

THAAD "damages the strategic balance and stability (and) will inevitably deteriorate the international security environment."

Hello, Taiwan

Taiwan Doesn’t Need THAAD, Claims Defense Minister and US Think Tank

THAAD might now be a suitable defensive system for Taiwan.

Missile killer

US Ramping-up Production of THAAD Interceptor Missiles amid Growing Demand

THAAD uses a one-stage hit-to-kill interceptor to destroy short-range and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

THAAD Anti-Ballistic Missile System

China Plans to Target THAAD Sites in South Korea with Nuclear Missiles

For China, however, the most important step it can take to counter THAAD is to increase its military power.

US deployed its Gray Eagle attack drone to South Korea.

China Gives Stern Warning to US After Gray Eagle Attack Drone Deployment

China gave a stern warning to the United States after the US military deployed its new Gray Eagle attack drone in South Korea.

China reportedly installed an over-the-horizon radar system.

China Installs High-Tech Over-the-Horizon Radar System

China has reportedly set up a high-tech radar system in Inner Mongolia with a detection range of up to 3,000 kilometers, a move to spy on South Korean and Japanese military maneuvers, Chinese media reported on Monday.

China-based cruise ships of Carnival Corp. and Royal Caribbean removed South Korea from their itineraries.

Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean Removes South Korea from China Cruises

Carnival Corp. and Royal Caribbean are stopping their South Korean port visits in response to the advised received form the Chinese government, Reuters reported.

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