New Chinese Army Recruitment Video Urges Young Men to ‘Become the Power of China!’

By | May 09, 2017 12:17 PM EDT

PLAGF infantry in 2017 recruitment music video. (Photo : PLA)

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has gone Hollywood in a tacky but sexy new recruitment video featuring masses of new warfighting equipment; explosions and a fast paced jingle intended to entice fit young men to join so they can "become the power of a new era."

Released on YouTube, the patriotic music video is sung to the song "Power of China." The 2017 recruitment video was also posted on, the PLA Daily's website, on May 4.

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The video has also proved popular on social media site, Weibo.

The music video constantly depicts handsome, virile but unsmiling young men fighting on land, sea and air, and also features shiny new weapons such as ballistic missiles; tanks; jet fighters and warships.

The jingle pretty much tells the story of the entire music video. It starts by proclaiming young men must "Say goodbye to hometown" and "Kick-off the journey that will reform you."

It then exhorts recruits to "Dust off your clothes. Become a soldier." But to do this, young recruits must also "Leave the adolescent frivolity behind."

From here, the video proceeds to show the weapons and military power of the PLA, the armed forces of the Communist Party of China (CPC), whose primary role is to protect the leadership and the 85 million members of the CPC before all other Chinese citizens.

It tells new PLA recruits they "are the power of a new era" and commands them to "Show sublime heroism."

"No one can stop you, the new generation," goes the lyrics.

It calls PLA soldiers the "Role model of the young people."

"No one can stop you. You are the power of the new era. Receive the national flag to keep it flying."

"You are the power of a new era for China's prosperity and strength," proclaims the lyrics.

"Join the army. Become the power of China!" 

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