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Communist Party of China

Aug. 1

China to Confer Highest Military Award on Aug 1

The Order will be personally presented to the awardees by Chinese president Xi Jinping.


Xi Admits PLAN Still Not a World Class Navy

Xi again called for more efforts to build the PLAN into a strong and modern force.


New Chinese Army Recruitment Video Urges Young Men to ‘Become the Power of China!’

"Join the army. Become the power of China!"

Always free

China Suppresses Internet and Mass Media Freedoms Anew; Tougher Censorship Rules in Place

"Strike hard against online rumors, harmful information, fake news, news extortion, fake media and fake reporters," said Chinese state-controlled media.


Number of China’s Group Armies Reduced to 13

The downsizing is a crucial step in the process of building a strong and modernized new-type army.


China Forms Integrated Group Armies to Fight its Future Wars

The change in designation is significant because in the past PLAGF Group Armies only included PLAGF units.


PLA Vows to ‘Build an Indestructible Combat Force’ Subservient to Xi

Chinese state-controlled media said all PLA officers and soldiers pledged to obey the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and Xi.


China Continues PLAGF Purge; Re-deploys 84 Army Corps

Xi ordered the newly reshuffled units to adhere to the CPC's absolute leadership.


China to Disband Five PLAGF Group Armies with 200,000 Men

The 16th and 47th Group Armies are the power bases of disgraced former CMC vice-chairmen Gen. Xu Caihou and Gen. Guo Boxiong.

Not ready for Taiwan

Xi Adamant about Invading Taiwan by the 2020s but …

In mid-2015, China took the extraordinary step of ordering Chinese shipbuilders to ensure new civilian ships can be operated by the PLAN.


PLA Pledges Anew to Defend the Communist Party of China and Xi Jinping

"The troops must resolutely safeguard the core and follow the leadership of the CPC," said Gen. Fan.


Communist Party of China will Tighten Control over People’s Liberation Army, says Premier Li

Li's main message to the troops is the Communist Party is god.

No dissent

China’s Armed Police and Soldiers Aim to Strike Fear among Muslims in Xinjiang

In 2013, the CPC spent more on public security ($112 billion) than on the PLA ($108 billion).


H-20 Nuclear Strategic Bomber will Solve Maritime Crises Preventing China’s Ascent

The H-20 is "also of great realistic significance for countering nuclear blackmail from superpowers."

Air power

China’s Utter Defeat in a War vs the US Might Trigger Civil War in China and Destruction of the Communist Party

PLA is the armed forces of the CPC and not the Chinese state.

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