Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Apple May Launch iPhone 6S Alongside Watch in Spring


(Photo : Reuters) Apple only managed to ship a quarter of the Apple Watch pre-orders.

Apple might be going down the route of Sony and LG in 2015, with new reports from the supply chain claiming two iPhones will come next year.

The first, the iPhone 6S, will be available in the spring, alongside the Apple Watch. It would be the first time Apple released an iPhone before the start of the third quarter.

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Apple normally adds a few small upgrades to the internals on the S release, alongside some new features like Siri and Touch ID. The iPhone 7 will likely be a smartphone with a new design.

This year, reports say Apple are in the market for a 3D display, similar to Amazon's Fire Phone. The 3D display would work without the need for glasses, meaning Apple will add small cameras on the front of the device.

Speakers are another area Apple is working on for the iPhone 6S. This could mean, for the first time, front facing speakers on the iPhone. It would be a big improvement on the speakers placed at the bottom of the device - even if less aesthetically pleasing.

The iPhone 6S might come before the launch of iOS 9, which normally happens in June at WWDC. Even after WWDC, Apple takes a few months of beta testing with developers to make sure the OS is running with issues.

Apple made two phones in 2013 and 2014, but both came at the same time. The iPhone 5C was a downgraded version of the iPhone 5S with a plastic exterior and the iPhone 6 Plus was a larger version of the iPhone 6 for phablet fans.

The new switch to two different events might mean four separate phones this year, if Apple decides to continue making the "C model" with the plastic exterior.

Bringing the iPhone 6S into the market in Spring would boot the iPhone 5C off the store. The iPhone 6S will most likely come with a $199 price tag, iPhone 6 dropped to $99, iPhone 6 Plus potentially staying at $299 and the iPhone 5S down to zero on contract.

It is questionable, bringing the iPhone 6S out at the same time as the Apple Watch. The smartwatch needs all the room it can get to make something out of the market. 

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