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Facebook Threatens European Regulators With Fragmention

Facebook has went on the offensive against European regulators.

LG Claims Snapdragon 808 Is Not A Downgrade

After the unusual Snapdragon 808 announcement on the LG G4, the company has denied it is a downgrade.

Windows 10

Microsoft Planning Android App Integration For Windows 10

Microsoft is planning to integrate Android apps into Windows 10 phone.


Apple Watch Time Apps Banned From Store

Apple is starting to ban apps that show the time on the Apple Watch.


Nokia Won't Manufacture Phones, But It Will Design Them

Nokia has denied it will manufacture smartphones, but that doesn't mean it won't design them.


Only 25% Of Apple Watch Buyers Receive Units On Launch Day

Apple only managed to ship a quarter of the Apple Watch pre-orders.

The Apple Watch Sport will now be improved with the newly released Apple's WatchOS 2.

Apple Watch Torture Tests Show Flaws With Sport Option

The Apple Watch Sport does not offer the same screen security the Apple Watch delivers.


Will Valve Revoke Steam Workshop Paid Mods?

Valve has caused rage on the internet, but will it back down or step up.


Konami Cancels Silent Hills Game, Internal Issues Rumored

Konami has announced it is cancelling Silent Hills.


LG G4 Announced In New York Sporting Leather Covers

LG has announced its new G4 flagship at a New York event.


Elon Musk's Big Battery Gamble Has Wall Street Interested

The home battery service might add $100 to Tesla's stock price.


LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Who Wins?

Two of the biggest South Korean mobile vendors, but who has the better flagship?


Apple Reveals 61 Million iPhone Sales, Beats Analyst Expectations

Apple has revealed its earnings report for the second quarter of 2105, and the results are better than expected. It managed to sell 61 million iPhones and sales in the Mac and services market were up compared to last year.

Facebook Announces Video Chat Inside Messenger

Facebook has launched its own video chat client inside Messenger.


Apple Planning iPod Touch Revamp Later This Year

Not much is known about the revamp but it likely will retain the design of the 2012 iPod Touch.

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