Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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North Korea Unlikely To Have Hacked Sony Pictures, According To Security Experts


Security experts do not see North Korea as the attacker behind the Sony Pictures attack, due to the #GOP campaign and leaks.

Sony Pictures is back after a week offline, due to an attack from the illusive #GOP group. It is still unclear where the attack came from, but Sony executives reportedly think North Korea is behind it.

However, security experts do not see that being the case. Lucas Zaichkowsky, a cybersecurity expert, claims "state-sponsored attackers don't create cool names for themselves like 'Guardians of Peace' and promote their activity to the public"

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In most past cases, Zaichkowsky is right, state-sponsored hackers normally attack systems without a campaign or message and they normally do not target entertainment, but infrastructure and government.

The one current outlier is the Syrian Electronic Army, an arm of the Syrian army, who cyber attack various news organizations in the UK and U.S. The attacks are well profiled and the Syrian Electronic Army like to leave messages to victims.

However, the Syrian Electronic Army actively identify themselves as Syrian, the Guardians of Peace do not show allegiance to North Korea. The attacks, according to an interview by The Verge, were done due to inequality.

If inequality is the major reason for the attacks on Sony Pictures, North Korea is not a gleaming example. It is one of the worst countries for human rights abuses and inequality.

North Korea did not deny attacking Sony Pictures and has said the film "The Interview" is an act of war, but these are all threats we have heard from North Korea before.

The one incriminating part of the hack is, it was encoded in Korean. North Korea does not have an active presence on the Internet, but it does fund a cyber security force, capable of hacking targets.

The FBI is currently investigating all possible branches of the Sony Pictures attack and has warned other U.S. companies of a malware virus, capable of swiping computer systems and rebooting the central hard-drive.

#GOP has not been available to comment since the interview with The Verge. The hacking group recently uploaded all of the stolen information from Sony Pictures, which included films that have not entered the cinema yet.

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