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United Airlines Fires 13 Staff Who Refused To Fly Due To 'Disturbing' Drawing

United Airlines United Flight 869

(Photo : Photo Distributed by United Airlines Crew Member) United Airlines United Flight 869 had a disturbing drawing on its tale causing 13 flight attendants refuse to work.

United Airlines booted 13 flight attendants who refused to fly from San Francisco International Airport to Hong Kong in summer last year upon discovering a "disturbing" drawing at the tail of the airplane.

The airline filed a complaint with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration but the investigation determined that the threat had no credibility.

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This happened on July 14 of last year as the United Flight 869 was already preparing for the 1:55 P.M. departure but an image six inches in length was discovered at the tail of the plane.

The file described the drawing as having two faces with "one smiling and the other with a more troubling expression that could be described as frowning or devilish." Above the faces were the words "BYE BYE."

The image was said to be found near the access panel to the gas turbine engine and it around 30 feet off the ground. The area is accessible only by authorized personnel via a specialized equipment.

According to the complaint, the images might have been written at the Boeing 747-400 while on the ground at San Francisco or when it arrived in the area at eleven in the morning from the Incheon Airport in South Korea.

The complaint adds that the image was first seen by First Officer Jeff Montgomery and snapped a photo of the drawings. He shared the photo with the other pilots and called it "disturbing" when relaying the news to one of the flight attendants. The complaint also says that Montgomery asked for a visual inspection of the engine compartment and the removal of the drawings.

Captain Willard Bowman then delayed the flight for security concerns. Bowman told more than 300 passengers that the delay was because of a maintenance issue.

After consulting with the airline managers, the captain then said it was safe to fly but the 13 flight attendants still refused to do the same, saying they would only fly if they used a different plane.

The Association of Flight Attendants is still on the case and the grievance process continues for the fired attendants. The complaint says the airline's termination violated the Wendell H. Ford Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century.

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