Updated 10:35 AM EDT, Thu, Apr 18, 2019

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Scientists Say Largest Ocean Creature Isn't Giant Squid

The world's largest

(Photo : Matthew Maxwell and Pablo Alvarez Vinagre at StudioAM/PeerJ) Check out the ocean's largest and longest sea creatures.

Researchers have finally discovered a deep-sea marine creatures larger in size than the giant squid. The largest and longest marine animal is the lion's mane jellyfish that can grow up to 120 feet in length, longer than any blue whale that measures around 107 feet.

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Scientists from the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in North Carolina completed a thorough analysis of 25 marine species and their body sizes.

Craig McClain, lead author of the study, said around seven years ago he met certain people who believed the giant squid can reach 60 feet in length. When his team actually conducted scientific studies and collected data, they discovered this size estimate was rather unrealistic.

The team completed this research by examining museum specimens; interviewing scientists and collectors and also checking out eBay specimens for sale, as well.

McClain claims the giant squid possesses the ability to loosen and stretch even after death. Reports from the 18th century said this squid can reach up to 60 feet in length but in reality these creatures can only reach 40 feet.

Scientists also found out that even if this marine creature was colossal in size, it doesn't mean it can perform at their optimum level. Sometimes it's the other way around. For example, among humans, being abnormally tall results in a shortened lifespan and even health problems.

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