'True Blood' Season 7 Premier Leaves Fans Thirsting for More

By | Jun 23, 2014 10:23 AM EDT

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The Season 7 premier of "True Blood" is the beginning of the popular series' final run, causing fans to question whether or not the show is leaving anything to sink their teeth into, or if in fact it has already been bled completely dry.

Season 7 picked up exactly where Season 6 left off: the Hep-V vamps attack Bellefleur's in the opening minutes of the premiere, resulting in the kidnapping of several key characters.

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The death of Tara perhaps fostered the most questions as this is her second death in the "True Blood" series. Her character was killed off in Season 4, brought back as a vampire in Season 5, and then experienced her final death in the opening moments of Season 7, making fans wonder why writers didn't bother to develop her character and storyline just a little bit more.

Most troubling is perhaps the lack of progress in characters the show has honed in on and taken tremendous amounts of time to develop, namely Sookie. The famous lead of "True Blood" closed out the Season 7 premier with an already much-expected big speech about how the people of Bon Temps still blame her for the town's downfall.

Sookie's worn-out dialogue has created some backlash from fans who feel that in the seven years since the show's inception, perhaps the characters of "True Blood" haven't really learned all that much - such as the differences between good and evil vampires, just as there are differences between good and evil humans.

Although this season's first episode may have ended up leaving fans thirsting for something a little more substantial, it is hoped that as the final season progresses, "True Blood" will offer more for devotees to latch onto and will give the series the ending many think it deserves. 

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