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Katie Collom

The Home Depot

Nearly All U.S. Home Depot Stores Hit in Possible Security Breach

New information gathered from the cyber world indicates that most of the Home Depot stores across the U.S. have been hit in a massive credit and debit card breach, reports state.

Steven Sotloff

Bravery Under Pressure: Who Was Executed U.S. Journalist Steven Sotloff?

On Tuesday, the world was once again shocked at the brutal execution of a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, at the hands of ISIS. His death comes less than a week after his mother released a video pleading with the militant group to spare her son's life.

Boots McMaster

Political Pooches: South Carolina Politicians Start Featuring Family Pets in Ads

Boots McMaster is only one of a few dogs who have made their political debut in South Carolina.

Who Was James Foley: The Journalist Who Gave His Life For The Story

The recent video of the beheading of James Foley by ISIS militants confirmed what his family feared: that Foley, an accomplished war journalist, beloved son, brother, and friend, would not be coming home.

A Uighur man does a pull-up in Shanghai.

China Steps Up Checks On Foreigners In Beijing

China's immigration offices are tightening control on foreigners traveling to the country after witnessing and alarming rise in individuals using China as an access point to enter other nations illegally.

Missing Oregon Woman's Death Ruled Suicide

Authorities have narrowed down the cause of death for Jennifer Huston, the Oregon woman whose body was found over two weeks after she disappeared, to asphyxiation, citing that Huston's death was a suicide, reports state.

Liu Fei tomb

Archeologists Discover 2,100-Year-Old Ancient Chinese Tomb

Archeologists made an extraordinary discovery when they uncovered a 2,100-year-old mausoleum and countless ancient artifacts in Xuyi County in Jiangsu, China, reports state.

Decomposed Remains Identified as Those of Missing Orlando Teen

The family of missing Orlando teen Alexandria Chery was informed Sunday that the decomposing body authorities found in a wooded area near Osceola-Polk Line Road in Orlando are indeed the remains of the 16-year-old girl.

Wildfires rage in California

California Wildfires Destroy 8 Homes, Prompt Hospital Evacuation

14 separate wildfires rage on in California as two in particular, burning just 8 miles apart, became the focus of firefighters after they destroyed eight homes and prompted the evacuation of a hospital in the northeastern region of the state.

Talking Robot Hitchhikes Across Canada

A talking robot assembled from various odds and ends was set loose along a Canadian highway Monday, and in the following five days managed to hitchhike over 700 miles.

Oakland Zoo

California Zoo Animals Enjoy a 13,000-Pound Fruit Feast

Animals at a Bay Area zoo in California were treated to a special meal on Thursday when they got to feast on a 13,000 pound donation of fruit.

Dutch Foreign Minister Gives Emotional Speech About Final Moments of Malaysia Airlines MH17 Victims

The Dutch Foreign Minister gave an emotional speech before the UN in which he talked about the politics surrounding the victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Nine-year-old Boy Remarries 62-year-old Woman in Ceremony in South Africa

A nine-year-old boy has remarried his 62-year-old bride in a controversial ceremony in South Africa. According the the boy's mother, he is doing so upon request of his dead ancestors.

Shangai Residents Support Public Square Dancing

A survey carried out in Shanghai reveals that the majority of residents view public square dancing as positive and not a nuisance.

Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Massachusetts, Injures Five

A hot air balloon collided with power lines in Clinton, Massachusetts on Friday, injuring five out of six passengers.

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