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Mitt Romney Selling Homes Built After Failed Presidential Bids

Mitt Romney

(Photo : REUTERS) Mitt Romney has backed out from his presidential bid for the 2016 elections.

Recognizing that having too many pricey homes could be used against him if he pushes through with his planned third presidential bid, Republic presidential wannabe Mitt Romney is reportedly selling some of the houses he built after he lost the second time in 2012.

Boston Globe reports that Romney, who owns four houses with average sizes twice as large as the average American home, built three houses after 2012. One is in La Jolla, California; another just outside Salt Lake City; and the third is a slopeside ski chalet in Park City, Utah.

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The Park City six-bedroom house is valued at $8.9 million, while the one near Salt Lake City measures 5,900 square foot.

Besides the sheer size, the four homes feature luxury items such as spas and hot tubs, four-car garages and big kitchens and dining rooms for his brood of five married kids and their spouses, plus 23 grandchildren whose numbers are still adding on.

The report said Romney is selling some of his properties and has retained a broker who is showing the La Jolla property to interested buyers.

Although Romney still owns a vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, in 2014, he sold for $1.2 million his Belmont condo unit. The sale cut his remaining ties in Massachusetts, where he was governor, and raises the question if he would have his campaign headquarters in Boston if he pursues his presidential ambition in 2016.

One reason he is possibly selling the California mansion is that it has a car elevator, which when reported by Politico in 2012, was used by his political opponents to paint him as beyond the reach of the ordinary American.

That house was also controversial because of neighbors' complaint that Romney included public beach property and it was out of character with the rest of the community. He recently had the 3,000-square-foot house demolished and is building a new one that would have a library, exercise room, recreation room and a beach gear room.

Because of his wealth, 53 percent of respondents in a Washington Post-ABC News survey conducted before 2012 believe Romney's policies would favor the rich, while 34 percent thought he would favor the middle class.

However, an aide of Romney said it would be difficult for Hillary Clinton, if she would pursue her political ambition and bags the Democratic nomination, to use the GOP candidate's wealth as an issue because she has multimillion dollar mansions in Georgetown and Cappaqua, plus lives a jet-setting lifestyle.

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