Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Pebble Update Supports Android Wear Apps


(Photo : Pebble) Pebble's Firmware 2.9 offers new support for Android Wear.

Pebble has updated its smartwatch platform to offer Android Wear notifications and Google Fit integration as it looks to tackle Android Wear smartwatches and Apple Watch this year.

The new update -- Firmware 2.9 -- is expected to come to the Pebble and Steel in the next few weeks. Users will need to download the Android 2.3 update to receive Android Wear notifications.

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Android Wear notifications will include five pre-set replies allowing users to reply to messages and emails quickly. It will also include a set of emojis to reply. Pebble is still working on its lack of tools to reply to notifications since it doesn't offer a touchscreen.

Google Fit will work through PlexFit, allowing users to send information from the Pebble to Google's health platform. Google has not shown any intention of making its health application available for Pebble owners.

The update will also come with bug fixes for iOS users but don't expect any integration with Apple's Health app, which is on full lockdown by Cupertino.

Even though Pebble is showing initiative, it might be time for them to step into the touchscreen world with its smartwatch. The lack of ability to respond to notifications makes it a harder sell than most wearables, especially with the Apple Watch around the corner.

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