‘Don’t Touch the Fruits’: HK Vendor Tells Off Mainland Shoppers

By | Feb 22, 2015 07:34 AM EST
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A fruit vendor arranges watermelons at a market in Huaibei, Anhui province. China's consumer price index (CPI), the main gauge of the country's inflation, rose to 2.3 percent in July, the same growth pace registered in June. REUTERS/Stringer

Tourists from mainland China continue to irritate Hong Kong residents and businessmen.

One vendor turned off by mainland buyers owns a fruit store on Yau Sun Street in Yuen Long. His store was featured in some online publications because of a sign he placed that reads: "We don't sell to mainland people" and "Don't touch the fruits," reports Shanghaiist.com.

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The vendor explained his dislike for mainland shoppers to their poking the merchandise, whether they would buy the fruits or not. He said some of the buyers accused him of cheating them because his selling price is HK$15 for five pieces, while other vendors sell five pieces of fruit for only HK$10.

He insists on keeping the signs and snubbing mainland buyers due to their alleged rude behavior, although there was one comment on social media that this vendor is rude to buyers regardless of where they come from.

The dislike for mainland shoppers appears to be quite common in Hong Kong because last week, protesters stormed the New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin to express anger at mainland consumers whom they accuse of causing traffic as they come in busloads and emptying the shelves because of the lower sales tax, and then selling these items in China at a higher price.

Hong Kong residents believe such consumer practices are responsible for the price hikes on a lot of items in the special administrative region, from basic commodities such as milk to property.

Hong Kong police, who came with batons and pepper spray, had to be called in to quell the protest in the mall. The mainland shoppers were stocking up products ahead of the Lunar New Year celebration on February 19.

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