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Hong Kong


Woman Jumps Off HK International Airport, Identity Still Unknown

A still unidentified Chinese woman fell from the seventh floor of the Hong Kong International Airport on Thursday. Airport paramedics performed first aid procedures on her.

Chuwi will be Taking LapBook 12.3 at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong

Chuwi will be Taking the LapBook 12.3 at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong

Chinese computer manufacturer Chuwi has announced that they will be bringing its latest device - the Chuwi LapBook 12.3 computer - on the upcoming Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair in Hong Kong. The Chuwi LapBook 12.3 computer will hit the market at the end of this month in China.


Doctor Touches Male Nurse's Butt, Arrested

Oh no you didn't.


Mother Kills Baby for Being Too Noisy, Pleads Not Guilty

A mother in Hong Kong is being tried for shaking her baby to death because he was "noisy."


Technicians Allegedly Reactivates Escalator Break, Arrested On the Spot

Hong Kong police arrested two technicians for trying to cover up the faults of an escalator that malfunctioned in a shopping mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong. They were charged for "perverting the course of justice."

Carrie Lam is Elected as new Leader of Hong Kong.

Former Civil Servant Carrie Lam is Elected as new Leader of Hong Kong

Carrie Lam, a 59-year-old civil servant, was elected as Hong Kong's next chief executive on Sunday, after receiving an overwhelming number of votes from 12,000 strong committee members. Lam is the first woman to be elected to the highest executive post in the semi-autonomous city.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China's Top Political Body.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Appointed Vice Chairman of China’s top Political Advisory Body

The Chief Executive of the autonomous city Hong Kong, Leung chun-ying, was appointed as the vice president of China's top political advisory body on Monday. His selection process was completed at the last day of the annual Chinese parliament session.

Tencent's proposal of 'Bay Area' includes Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Tencent Proposes to Develop 'Bay Area' of China

Tencent Holdings Chairman Pony Ma Huateng plans to create China’s own Bay Area or “Silicon Valley,” which is a large technology hub linking innovation, manufacturing and finance.

Singapore's defense ministry on Monday demanded for the immediate release of the nine military vehicles seized by Hong Kong authorities in November.

Singapore Demands Return of Seized Military Vehicles from Hong Kong

Singapore's defense ministry sent a stern message to Hong Kong on Monday demanding the state to return nine of its military armored troop carrier in accordance to sovereign immunity law.

Hong Kong Witnesses Second Bird Flu Death.

Hong Kong Reports Second Bird Flu Death of Winter Season

A 62-year-old man died because of H7N9 virus in Hong Kong on Friday, the second case of bird flu death in the autonomous city, according to hospital authorities.

China warns Hong Kong Again.

China Says It Won’t Allow Hong Kong to be Used as ‘Subversion Base’

In its latest decree against Hong Kong's pro-independent protestors, Beijing has warned that it won't allow anyone to use the semi-autonomous city to use as a base for subversion activities against mainland China.

China Asserts Sovereignty over Hong Kong.

No Scope for Hong Kong Independence, China Asserts

There is no scope for Hong Kong independence under "one country, two systems" agreement, a Chinese official responsible for looking into affairs of Hong Kong and Macau region said in a recent interview, asserting once again China's sovereignty over the semi-autonomous region.

China Warns Taiwan Over Hong Kong.

China Warns Taiwan to Stay Away from Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement

China warned Taiwan on Tuesday to stay out of Hong Kong's affair, claiming that the self ruled island's interference could cause instability in the former British colony.

Nine military vehicles seized by Hong Kong Customs

Nine Singapore Military Vehicles Seized by Hong Kong Customs

Nine Singaporean military vehicles were seized and impounded after Hong Kong Customs were tipped off by mainland agents regarding the entry of military vehicles through a cargo ship docking in Xiamen Mainland Port.

A US panel is voicing out concern of China's increasing interference to Hong Kong's affairs, fearing this may affect the semi-autonomous city's international financial hub status.

U.S Congress Panel Accuses China of Undue Interference in Hong Kong

A US congress panel has warned that China's interference in Hong Kong's affair is increasing at alarming pace, expressing fear that this may have an adverse impact on former British colony's status as an international financial hub.

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