Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Pebble Time Becomes Most Funded Kickstarter


(Photo : Pebble) Pebble Time has surpassed Coolest Cooler as the most funded Kickstarter.

Pebble Time has surpassed Coolest Cooler as the most funded Kickstarter ever. It's currently at $17 million with 66,500 backers.

The surge in buyers comes from the launch of the Pebble Time Steel a week after the original Kickstarter as a $250 option.

It's the second time Pebble has launched one of its smartwatches on Kickstarter. The original smartwatch gained over $10 million in backing and now the company is back to gain more recognition for its new wearable.

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Some have criticized Pebble for using Kickstarter again considering it's normally used as a way for small studios or one-person projects that can't gain funding from venture groups to work on their product.

Pebble's CEO even confirmed they had enough cash stored for a first batch. He said they're using Kickstarter as a promotion tool rather than a way for crowd-funding to make the product possible.

Pebble Time will feature an color E-Ink display, a new aluminum or steel design, a new Timeline notifications platform, a waterproof design, seven days' battery life and several strap options.

At this rate, Pebble Time could shoot past $30 million by the end of the Kickstarter. That's still two and a half weeks away from finishing. Pebble will be shipping out all products by July with the second batch coming later this year.

Pebble has definitely won back the smartwatch market. The launch of Android Wear and Apple Watch coming next month knocked the indie smartwatch maker out of the conversation throughout 2014.

It has also promoted Kickstarter, which was starting to look a bit bland after a lackluster amount of large Kickstarters in 2014.

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