Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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University Of Maryland Investigates Frat Member Who Encouraged Rape, Racial Insults On Women In 2014 Email

University of Maryland Students

(Photo : Reuters) Students from the University of Maryland celebrate along Route 1 in College Park, Maryland after their basketball team captured the NCAA men's basketball title April 1, 2002. Police in riot gear were on the scene to try and control the unruly students when the celebration went into the early morning hours. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

After the racist video scandal at the Oklahoma University that led to the expulsion of a freshman and sophomore members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, it looks like it's the turn of the University of Maryland to do some investigating, and possibly, cleansing among its fraternities too.

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SMN Weekly reports that an email written by a fraternity member, written in January 2014, surfaced last week and was seen for the first time on Tuesday by administration officials.

Written by a Kappa Sigma fraternity member and sent as an email to six other University of Maryland students, the letter has racial slurs about Asians and Indian women.

It reads: "Regardless of the rush shirt let's get rachet as f*** during rush week. My d**k will be sucked and f***ed in compound basement whether you guys like it or not. Don't invite any n****r gals or curry monsters or slanted eye chicks, unless they're hot. Ziggy you're [sic] girl can come she's cool. Remember by n***as erect, assert, and insert, and above all else, f*** consent ... d**ks untouched."

In a statement released on Thursday, Wallace Loh, the president of University of Maryland, found the email vulgar. He said the views it showed are reprehensible to the campus's communities. He said the university officials had met with the email writer and an investigation is ongoing.

Besides the student involved, Loh said he was also in touch with the fraternity which had already initiated action by requesting education training on respect for all Kappa Sigma fraternity members.

Derald Dryman, the fraternity's director of public relations, confirmed at the time the email was sent, the email writer was an undergraduate member of Kappa Sigma. He said the student was suspended from the fraternity when the email was exposed. Even if the student has quit the brotherhood, Dryman said the Maryland chapter is working to expel him formally from Kappa Sigma. 

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