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University of Maryland


Milestone: the World’s First Reprogrammable Quantum Computer is Here

The researchers tested their device on three algorithms quantum computers could execute quickly.

Wood war

Swedes and Americans in Race to Mass Produce Transparent Wood

Transparent wood relies on the natural composition of wood combined with the refractive qualities of an epoxy.

How to create a world

Scientists Find 4.5 Billion Year-old Rocks Dating Back to Earth’s Infancy

The team's identification of primitive mantle material was based on detection of an overabundance of the radioactive element hafnium.


Pulsing Flashes of Light Reveals Supermassive Black Hole Merger

This black hole duo is so close together they're now producing emissions known as gravitational waves.

University of Maryland Students

University Of Maryland Investigates Frat Member Who Encouraged Rape, Racial Insults On Women In 2014 Email

After the racist video scandal at the Oklahoma University that led to the expulsion of a freshman and sophomore members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, it looks like it's the turn of the University of Maryland to do some investigating, and possibly, cleansing among its fraternities too.


New Detector Sees More Light than Previously Thought Possible

The light in the terahertz wavelength is capable of passing through substances and materials commonly considered opaque.

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