Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Newborn Baby Found Alive After 'Buried' In Chinese Graveyard For 8 Days

A newborn baby from China was found alive after being buried underground in a graveyard in Southern China, according to Telegraph UK.

The newborn baby, whose gender is male, was found by a woman picking herbs in a nearby area of the cemetery in the Guanxi region of China. The woman heard the baby's wails from underground, according to Nanguo Morning Post.

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The woman became frightened by the newborn baby's cries and immediately returned to her village to notify the authorities of what she heard. She came back with the police, who dug several centimeters into the suspected site.

The police found a cardboard box which contained the crying newborn baby. The baby was born with a cleft lip and his parents allegedly abandoned him in the cemetery last April 24.

The parent's relatives came back two days later and buried the newborn baby, with the presumption that he died.

Approximately eight days later, the newborn baby was found alive, covered in mud and coughing up the contaminated water that seeped inside the box.

The newborn baby's current condition is now stable and is currently receiving treatment at the Tian Dong hospital.

Authorities deemed that the newborn survived due to the constant stream of rainwater underground along with the oxygen leaking into the box.

China's laws on child abandonment are not lenient but most parents opt to give away their children with health defects with the fear that their cost of health care will increase and the liability of taking care of the child will be heavier as well.

"It's hard to explain. The situation is complicated and people on the outside can't imagine," said the newborn baby's mother in an interview with Nanguo Morning Post. "Our lack in thought and irresponsibility are the cause."

The mother saw her newborn baby born with a cleft palate and she felt anxious.

Both of the newborn baby's parents were merely farmers in the countryside and they already have a daughter. Another addition to the family with an impending liability increases the burden of the household.

Five people, including the parents and other relatives of the newborn baby, have been detained with the suspected case of intentional homicide.

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