Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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China And Afghanistan Trade Ties To Become Stronger As The Two Pledge To Cooperate

Looks like the Chinese government are aggressively working on strengthening its ties with its neighbours as it recently pledged to strengthen the security and trade ties with Nepal

According to Xinhuanet, Chinese government recently announced that it is working on strengthening the security ties with Afghanistan in order to provide a secure trading environment within the two countries. The focus will be on implementing the required security measures to safeguard the interest of traders. Additionally, the two countries have confirmed that they will work together to take measures to protect personnel and organizations in each other's borders. The new announcement was made when Guo Shengkun, China's Public Security Minister, met with Afghanistan Interior Minister Olomi Noorol Haq.

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Another report on Global Times quote Olomi saying that Afghanistan is keen to strengthen its security and law enforcement measures in order to facilitate the creation of a secure trading environment that will benefit their economy as well as China's. The two leaders met to discuss the building the Silk Road Economic Belt, a much awaited trade venture that is expected to promote stability and prosperity amongst multiple Asian economies. The meeting was important because it is the first annual interaction between the Public Security Minister and the Interior Minister.

It is expected that the goodwill of better law enforcement strategies between the two countries will also lead to an improved cooperation, when it comes to tackling subjects like combating terrorism, drug control, border management that tend to hinder the growth of a country's economy. With better law enforcement cooperation, the two countries are also aiming to strengthen their capacity building process in this domain. 

However, economists are also sceptical about the move since China was quick to step into the picture soon after the United States of America announced its exit from Afghanistan. 

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