Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Minecraft' Latest Version To Get A New Update As Confirmed By Mojang

Jens Bergensten, Lead Designer and Developer of "Minecraft" has confirmed that the game is scheduled for a major update as the team is working on a new dungeon.

"Minecraft" is a popular game enjoyed by avid gamers across the globe. Now the "Minecraft" fans have a reason to rejoice as the game's lead designed and developer has confirmed that the team is working on a major update to the existing version. While Bergensten spilled the beans on his twitter account, the news was also confirmed by a report on Attackofthefanboy; however, the development is still in its nascent stage and so Bergensten has refused to give any further details as to what the gaming fans can expect. Though there are clear mentions of a new dungeon that will be included in the game. What's more is that this dungeon will have several unique features that will add a completely new dimension to the existing gaming experience.

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Other reports on Ordoh also confirmed that Mojang had made the announcement to introduce a combat update and have been working on it aggressively. From what is being speculated as the latest update, reports do indicate some really interesting information. For starters, the new version of the game is expected to have a bigger fight, something that the fans have not seen till date. As of now the fight that gamers are put through is relatively easier to tackle. However, as per what the makers tell enthusiasts, it was not supposed to be so. The new update will make the fight tougher, reports added.

Features that will be included are console flair of caged crystals and ender dragon acid, in addition to giving the gamers more opportunities to fight the ender dragon. Even the way in which the bows and arrows are working will change drastically. For example, the arrows will now have a quiver next to them, making it easier for the players to know when they are being fired. There are several other subtle changes that gamers across the globe are looking forward to. 

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