Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Bloodborne' PS4 Gameplay Sales Soar High; Sony Is Elated


(Photo : Reuters) Sony thought that PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne will sell well, but the game has apparently surpassed its expectations, the company has said.

In what comes as a pleasant surprise, Sony, the makers of the "Bloodborne" PS4 game are already celebrating the excellent sales of their new game

In April, Sony confirmed that "Bloodborne" had already sold more than a million copies worldwide. According to Gamespot, even though the makers of the game has not released any official figures, the numbers continue to rise clearly indicating that they have all the reason to celebrate. Commenting on the development, Fergal Gara, Sony UK managing director said that the sales did surprise the team; however, they were confident that the game would do well. The only surprise came is that the sales figure clearly exceeded the expectations and predictions of the analysts.

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In a similar turn of events that happened in 2014 when the PlayStation 4's sales were surpassing the company's expectations, Sony supremo Shuhei Yoshida acknowledged the development, but also added that his team could not quite figure out the reasons, due to which the sales exceeded expectations. This was also reported on Playstation Lifestyle. Meanwhile, Gara who gave a detailed statement during an interview with MCV(Market For Computer and Video Games) UK said that the excellent sales figure could be because of the game's potential, as well as the company's decision to introduce it at the right time. He also went on to add that the game was unique and helped in acting as a platform differentiator for Sony.

During his interview with MCV, Gara confirmed that Sony had sold more than 2 million PS4's in United Kingdom. Moving on to the developments of 2015, he said that this was a crucial year where Sony is looking to target the younger audience through its gaming platform, using games like FIFA where the age barrier is not at all valid. 

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