Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Miss USA' Receives Less-Than-Stellar Ratings After Donald Trump's Racist Comments

Donald Trump

(Photo : Reuters / Dominick Reuter) Donald Trump raising his hands at campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire a day after he announced his bid for presidential nomination.

Thanks to Donald Trump's careless words, the "Miss USA" pageant suffered an all-time low ratings, not even reaching a million viewers.

After being pulled out by NBC from its lineup, the "Miss USA" pageant managed to find a new home in the Reelz Channel just in time for its show date. However, according to Fox News, Nielsen reported that approximately only 925,000 watched the crowning of Olivia Jordan from Oklahoma as the new Miss USA, which is a sharp downturn from last year's 5.6 million viewers when the beauty contest was hosted by NBC.

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This major shave in viewers can be attributed to the recent remarks done by businessman Donald Trump, after making seditious remarks against Mexican immigrants through his speech while announcing his decision to run for president. CNN Money reported that despite the decline for "Miss USA," it is an upwind for Reelz Network, with Reelz stating that it is the second highest premiere in the network's history next to "The Kennedys," back in 2011.

Reelz reportedly paid not more than $100,000 to show the annual pageant.

Despite the troubled affair between NBC and Trump, the beauty contest went on flawlessly as it has for years. Contrary to how Trump turned off everyone with his racist speech, USA Today reported that Miss Oklahoma earned the hearts of the audience during the interview portion of the pageant, saying that the US has not yet solved the issue of racism in the country, and it is everyone's job to work on becoming an accepting society.

The mogul was not in attendance, mentioning an unspecified campaign event.

It can be argued that what Miss Oklahoma said was a stab at the current issue the Donald Trump is facing, or it can be seen as a genuine reaction to what the USA is coming to. Suffice to say, racism is not a problem that America faces alone, but of the entire world. 

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