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Saudi Arabia and US Sign Largest Weapons Deal in History

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | May 23, 2017 10:49 AM EDT

The weapons will be put to use in the Yemeni Civil War. read more

Trump Reveals to Russians Highly Classified Information Provided by Spy inside Islamic State

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | May 15, 2017 07:31 PM EDT

"I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day," said the president. read more

Obese Trump Proudly Proclaims Exercise is Bad for His Health

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | May 14, 2017 03:13 PM EDT

He weighs 107 kg (236 lbs) and his BMI of 30 classifies him as "full-on obese." read more

Trump Rants against US Navy EMALS because He can’t Understand It; Wants Navy to Keep Using Steam Catapults

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | May 13, 2017 05:21 PM EDT

"And it's very complicated. You have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out. read more

Trump Jeopardizes Taiwan’s Plan to buy F-35B Stealth Fighters

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Apr 30, 2017 07:09 AM EDT

"He's a friend of mine." read more

Taiwan Confident of Acquiring F-35B Stealth Jets from the US to Counter China

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Apr 27, 2017 05:10 AM EDT

Taiwan specifically wants to purchase the F-35B, the version flown only by the U.S. Marine Corps. read more

China to Likely Increase Hollywood Film Quota After Trump Deal: Researcher

Prei Dy   | Apr 13, 2017 05:45 AM EDT

China will likely increase its quota for Hollywood films as part of its trade deal with the United States, a Chinese government researcher said. read more

Attacking North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Sites Might be only Choice Left for Trump

Arthur Dominic Villasanta   | Apr 11, 2017 08:00 PM EDT

"The president has asked them (Trump's advisers) to be prepared to give us a full range of options to remove that threat," he noted. read more

Xi and Trump Conclude 2-Day Summit: Trade and North Issue Dominate Talks

Girish Shetti   | Apr 08, 2017 03:41 AM EDT

Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump wrapped up their two-day summit in South Florida on Friday, with both leaders describing the summit as a huge success. The highly-anticipated meeting, which was overshadowed by America's surprise strike against Syria, focused primarily on trade and the North Korea issue. read more

North Korea Dares with a Missile Test Ahead of Xi-Trump’s Summit Meeting

Girish Shetti   | Apr 05, 2017 02:18 AM EDT

A day before Xi-Trump's highly anticipated summit meeting, North Korea has again dared to test the patience of China and U.S. by test firing a latest ballistic missile. read more

Jared Kushner Played key Role in Shaping Xi-Trump Summit Meeting: Report

Girish Shetti   | Apr 04, 2017 07:19 AM EDT

Jared Kushner played an instrumental role in pushing the U.S. President and father in law Donald Trump to go for a summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jingping, according to reports in American media. read more

Trump Warns China That U.S. is Ready to Fight all Alone Against North Korea

Girish Shetti   | Apr 03, 2017 03:13 PM EDT

U.S. President Donald Trump has given an upfront warning to China that the U.S. is ready to tackle the North Korea issue all alone if Beijing does not take a tough stance against its embattled communist ally. The warning comes barely days before Trump is supposed to host the Chinese President Xi Jinping at his real estate mansion in South Florida. read more

Trump’s Tough Trade Tweets Raise Tension Ahead of Xi Meeting

Girish Shetti   | Mar 31, 2017 06:40 AM EDT

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday again resorted to his trademark tweets to rake up the trade issues with Beijing ahead of his next week meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trump's tough trade tweets came barely hours after China officially confirmed Xi and Trump's meeting on April 6 and 7 in Florida. read more

China's President Xi to meet U.S. President Donald Trump for the First Time in Florida Next Month

Girish Shetti   | Mar 30, 2017 05:22 PM EDT

Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to the United States to hold a special meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump between April 6 to 7, Chinese foreign ministry confirmed on Thursday. This is the first official confirmation of the highly anticipated meeting amid media reports that the two powerful leaders may meet soon. read more

Security Breach at the White House While Trump was Away

Mia Ren   | Mar 19, 2017 11:21 AM EDT

The US Secret Service apprehended two men on Saturday for different levels of security breach, including a bomb threat in the night. read more

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