Updated 4:59 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 11, 2019

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‘The Journey Of Flower’ Shows Heart-Wrenching OST Video

A scene when Chang Liu embraces Hua Qian Gu at the end of the opening OST video.

(Photo : Youtube) A scene when Chang Liu embraces Hua Qian Gu at the end of the opening OST video.

The Mandarin television show "The Journey Of Flower" has been released on June 9 by HBS: Hunan TV, which shows a heart-wrenching original soundtrack opening video.

The opening OST video of the series titled "Fire Of The Heart," which can be found on Youtube, shows the meeting of the main characters, Hua Qian Gu and Chang Liu. As the video progresses, it can be noticed that love between a disciple and her master of martial arts has sprouted slowly. Later, it is shown that the two characters try to save each other by sacrificing one's self for the other.

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In line with this, the song is performed by F.I.R. featuring Julia Peng. The lyrics of the song depict firstly the situation when lovers fight then they reconcile with a hug and a kiss. Secondly, the song depicts a couple where one turns his back and is out of sight because of many people, there is loneliness that cannot be wiped away. Thirdly, the lyrics depict that one who did not love madly is not fit to say that they loved before. And finally, love can cause a person so much hurt, resentment, and pain.

The television show contains 54 episodes. It is played by actors Wallace Huo (as Chang Liu) and Zanilia Zhao (as Hua Qian Gu), according to News Asian TV. The genres of the show are romance, fiction, drama, and fantasy. The show has been able to gather at least 52,626 viewers online alone, which is a good figure for this kind of Chinese TV series.

The television show has three directors: Lin Yufen, Danny Guo, and Liang Shengquan. Other actors included in this Chinese TV drama are Andy Zhang, Jiang Xin, Ma Ke, Zhang Dan Feng, Li Chun, An Yue Xi, Xu Hai Qiao, Tang Lei, Bao Tian Qi, Dong Chun Hui, Wang Xiu Ze, Jiang Yi Ming, Miao Chi, Ruan Wei Jing, Li Cheng, Gong Zheng Nan, Lu Ji Yi, Zhang Zheng Yan, Gao Hai, and many others.


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