‘Love Me, If You Dare’ Will Be Aired Soon!

By | Sep 14, 2015 09:36 AM EDT
The lead roles of "Love Me, If You Dare" are facing the audience in the press release held on June 11.

The lead roles of "Love Me, If You Dare" are facing the audience in the press release held on June 11.(Photo : A Virtual Voyager)

The Mandarin language television show "Love Me, If You Dare" will be released soon, on Oct. 15, and will be presented on air by SOHU TV, Dragon Television.

After Wallace Huo's TV series "The Journey Of Flower," here comes another character that he is going to portray, which is different from the fantasy genre. The Chinese TV series "Love Me, If You Dare" or previously known as "When He Comes, Close Your Eyes" is a mystery set in the modern times.

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Huo plays as Simon/Allen Bo Jinyan, a 30-year old criminal psychologist and a professor at the University of Maryland. He works in the Police Department as the analyst/advisor for serious crimes and incidents. On the other hand, Ma Sichun (or Sandra) plays as Jenny Jian Yao who is a soft-spoken 23-year old graduate at Foreign Language University and works for Simon as a translator and his assistant.

According to the report on A Virtual Voyage, this series is originally based on the novel by Ding Mo. Aside from its detective thriller genre, it has a dash of straightforward and sweet romance to entice those audiences that are romantic at heart. The dinner date of the two lead roles is a must-see scene in this series.

At the press release on June 11, the casts looked good in their formal attire. Ma especially looked fresh and pretty. Moreover, during the press release, the short promo clip has been shown intentionally for the sponsors and investors only. At this moment, the video is already available online, specifically on Youtube, as an advertisement.

This new Chinese TV series has exciting plots in investigating crimes. It shows twists and turns that make the audience excited. The trailer anyhow has been officially released on Sep. 11, Friday-same day as the press release-and is now being anticipated by many viewers and fans. 

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