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From Software's Dark Souls 3 Shows Potential At The Tokyo Game Show [Video]

Dark Souls 3 Coming This April 2016

(Photo : FromSoftware) Dark Souls 3 Coming This April 2016

One of the most recently highlighted action role-playing video game prior the Tokyo Game Show was the Dark Souls III. Dark Souls is a medieval fantasy role-playing game from From Software, the creator of some of the most well-known video games such as Bloodborne, Tenchu, and Otogi. According to the video game company's publisher, Bandai Namco, the much anticipated action-packed game will be released on April 2016.

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As reported in Gematsu, the release of the game in Japan is much earlier which is on March 24, 2016. However, Dark Souls windows version will be released on April 12, 2015, as posted in the site of the company.

 Wired reported that the game will be available on video game platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Promos were provided at the Tokyo Game Show and according to online sources such as IGN US, sticking with the more traditional magic system is one of the best features of the game but it makes the game more difficult and demanding.

The magic system in Dark Souls III is based on a more traditional system. In other versions of Dark Souls, magic skills can only be cast with a fixed quantity. Once the character runs out of magic the only way to replenish it is by resting in a bonfire.

Dark Souls III comes with a magic meter, known to many gamers as Gauge.  Integrating the gauge in the game system provides an opportunity for the not so aggressive player to go on par with spammers - those very aggressive individuals.

Among the characters featured in the game, the magic class has varied greatly in terms of meter consumption. Long-range attacks were cheap while the ever so powerful melee-sword attacks are at the middle.

Daniel Feit from Wired shared that the final chamber housed the ferocious boss going by the name "Dancer of the Frigid Valley." He described that its extraordinary limb allows it to leap from one room to another. He further said that the flaming blade gave it an even more extraordinary advantage. None of the players who attended the promotion was able to conquer the boss monster.

Dark Souls III is truly one of the best action-packed games to look forward to next year.

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