Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Martian Civilization Proves To Be True?

An artifact that is found by Mars Curiosity Rover and is believed to be a capstone of a larger pyramid.

(Photo : Youtube) An artifact that is found by Mars Curiosity Rover and is believed to be a capstone of a larger pyramid.

Extraterrestrial hunters claim that Martian civilization proves to be true due to the pyramid found on the Red Planet.

According to a report on Sep. 19, Saturday, by Express, a pyramid has been discovered on Mars. It has 100 meters high, which the Ufologists claim along with its string of discoveries that there was a Martian civilization before the planet's race was wiped out and became extinct. Other evidence found includes tools, structures, fossils, living creatures, and also even alien forms.

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The ET hunters claim that findings of the above evidence as well as objects are indeed showing that an alien race, most probably the so-called Martians, was building this kind of monument that is the same to the ancient South American and Egyptian pyramids on the planet Earth.

Since the NASA Mars Rover-a 4WD probe that explores the Martian surface-began sending back close-up images of the planet's surface, there has been an added number to the "discoveries" on Mars. There had been many that NASA could not ignore any longer and makes a statement that rules out a conclusion that there are proofs that alien life has once been present on the Red Planet.

The pyramid is therefore another proof that Martians were or are still out there-if there were not totally wiped out by a nuclear attack from another alien race, according to Daily Mail.

In correlation with this, Dr. John Bradenburg, a plasma physicist, presented his theory that the ancient civilization on Mars has gone extinct due to a nuclear attack as the evidence of the genocide can still be seen even today. The Martians were also known as Cydonians.

Moreover, the physicist said that the red color on the surface of the planet Mars could be the result of a naturally occurring thermonuclear explosion, which could send a number of debris all around the planet.

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