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China's Mars exploration by 2020 is an act of catching up with India, US, Russia and EU to reach the red planet.

China Unveils Mars Exploration Plan by 2020

China has unveiled the designs of its Mars probe that will land on the red planet in 2020, catching up with India, the United States, Russia, and the European Union in the bid to explore the red planet.


Do You Have What it Takes to be an Astronaut? NASA is Hiring

To all aspiring astronauts, this might be the chance you have been waiting for: on Tuesday, NASA released an official announcement calling on those qualified to become the next space explorer to throw their hats in the ring.

The Martian Mountain, Mount Sharp, is shown by MRO when it reached the peak in December 2014.

MRO Sent Postcard Of Mars; Mount Sharp

The Mars Curiosity Rover sent a postcard of the mineral-rich, mountainus landscape of Mount Sharp when it reached there on Sept. 9.

Mark Watney is elated in one of the

'The Martian' Is A Good Movie – Review

"The Martian" movie is good, portrayed well by the actor Matt Damon, and almost realistic with only a few faults.

On Sep. 28, Monday, NASA announced the discovery of water on the Red Planet.

What Water In Mars Means

The discovery of water in Mars can possibly help future exploration and humankind's survival on the planet.

India's Mars Orbiter Mission is launched on Nov. 5, 2013.

ISRO’s Six-Month Mission Will Last Years

Due to the surplus fuel that is used for the MOM, it will not only last for 6 months but many years.

The surface of Mars

NASA Relies On Students’ Ideas For Bringing Cargo On Mars?

NASA addresses the challenge of how to be able to transport tons of objects on the Red Planet by asking bright ideas from college and university students.

An artifact that is found by Mars Curiosity Rover and is believed to be a capstone of a larger pyramid.

Martian Civilization Proves To Be True?

According to Extraterrestrial hunters and Dr. John Bradenburg, alien race on the planet Mars has been present before it was wiped out by a nuclear attack by another alien race, and evidence can be seen even until today.

Opal Stone

Martian Life Evidence? Scientists Discover Opal Stones On Red Planet

Is there a possibility that Martian life exists? In a recent study published in the Meteorites and Planetary Science journal, University of Glasglow scientists revealed they have found a significant discovery — the presence of opal in a Martian meteorite, which, on Earth, can suggest the presence of microorganisms.


NASA Plans to Build Oxygen Producing Systems on Mars

The organisms would use Mars' ample supply of regolith as fuel, and may even serve a dual purpose in removing nitrogen from the Martian soil.

Mars Blue Sunset

NASA's Mars Rover Captures the Red Planet's Blue Sunset

Curiosity has been on Mars for almost three years, but this is the first colored image of a sunset it ever took, using the Mast Cam.

HoloLens 3D on Mars

Microsoft's HoloLens takes NASA to Mars--Virtually

The technology creates a holographic overlay onto the user’s surroundings, making the experience an augmented reality.

Inflatable Spacecraft Technology

NASA Mulls Inflatable Heat Shield for Mars Spacecraft

They believe the design could help slow the spacecraft as it encounters Mars' atmosphere.

Venus Zones

NASA Now Serious about Going to Venus First

The entire platform will be a blimp-like craft that will be the home of astronauts and also a platform for probes.

Pee Power Technology Could Help to Take Human to Mars

Human urine will be carried along with the technology during an unmanned flight to Mars in 2018.

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