Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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'Radio Bursts' Picked by Astronomers Suggest Possibility of Aliens Attempting to Communicate

Fast Radio Burst

(Photo : Christopher Furlong) Astronomers have begun to categorized these mysterious radio transmissions and call them “Fast Radio Burst” or FRB.

Australian astronomers in New South Wales have announced that they are currently trying to decipher a number of radio signals that could possibly be alien in origin. One of the unidentified transmissions known as a "double signal" is fueling further speculations that extra terrestrials are trying to call Earth.

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So far, at least 11 such radio transmissions have been archived by astronomers today, according to Express.

One of the astronomers who discovered the strange transmissions posted a tweet saying they have no idea what they are but they believe that it will have an amazing explantion.

The transmission that has gotten the scientific community excited consists of a "double blasts" which was followed later by four "single blasts".

This is not the first suspected alien radio transmissions that astronomers have detected and recorded. In 1977, Jerry Ehman was manning the Big Ear - a radio telescope owned by the state university of Ohio - when he heard a radio transmission more famously known as the "Wow signal." Unfortunately, that was the first and only time that the signal has been caught by humans.

Astronomers have started to categorize these mysterious radio transmissions and call them "Fast Radio Burst" or FRB.

It is only now, however, that a double blast has been recorded by astronomers. An FRB is thought to have come from a source that is light years away from Earth. The distance it took to reach us means that the radio energy is quite immense. Scientists have no idea on what kind of source could send such powerful radio signal.

Several scientists have proposed several theories to discount speculations that the FRBs are messages from aliens but merely a natural space phenomena.

Some of the theories posit that the FRB may be coming from collapsing black holes or big pulsars or even giant stars.

However, the New South Wales astronomers said that such explanations can not account for a double blast radio signal. One of the FRB recorded points to a source outside the Milky Way galaxy that is billions of light years away from Earth.

At this point, it is not really difficult to believe that some intelligent alien race is trying to make contact with humans.

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