Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Lenovo, Razer Team-Up to Create Gaming PCs

 Lenovo, Razer, Razer branded Lenovo desktop computer.

(Photo : Getty Images) Lenovo and Raze are working together to create a new Razer branded Lenovo desktop computer.

Tech companies Lenovo and Razer announced on Friday that they are working together on a partnership that will create a Razer branded Lenovo desktop computer. The first prototype of product of the partnership project is currently on display at Dreamhack Winter LAN party in Sweden.

The first set of computers to be released by Lenovo and Razer will be under the Y series, according to Engadget. Razer and Lenovo will create a new line of gaming hardware that will include, aside from desktop computers, peripherals and laptops.

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The pair is expecting to release its first gaming desktop in the first quarter of 2016.

According to PC World, the prototype of the Lenovo Razer Edition PC looks a lot like the Lenovo Y900 gaming desktop. A minor exception is that the Lenovo Razer Edition PC has the trademark Razer-green light on its front. The bottom of the tower emits a rainbow shadow which suggests that it includes the Razer Chroma lighting and software.

The companies are yet to reveal the specs of the new computer. However, many experts believe that it should be somewhere near or just a bit over the specs of the Y900.

The Lenovo Y900 supports up to two graphics card, making it a behemoth when it comes to gaming. From the looks of the render that the companies provided, it appears that there is a dual Nvidia card inside.

Lenovo Workstation general manager Victor Rios said in a statement, "We want to move beyond just the mainstream, and we think partnering with Razer and getting some of the unique DNA we can start to reach up more into the performance and enthusiast space."

Aside from gaming-grade desktop computers and laptops, Lenovo and Razer are also working into incorporating each brands into the other. The partnership reminds many tech experts of the likes between SteelSeries and MSI. 

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