Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Adobe Finally Acknowledges Defeat of its Flash by HTML 5

Adobe Flash

(Photo : Getty Images) Adobe has released an update to fix a security flaw on its Flash Player.

On Monday evening, Adobe issued an online statement effectively telling its Flash developers to use the HTML 5 instead. This admission simply confirms the growing popularity of HTML 5 over its product.

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The Verge reported that Adobe will not completely do away with Flash. Instead, the company will rename it as Animate CC, and will distance it from Flash Professional CC, which has HTML 5 tools capability.

When Flash was first introduced, it was hailed as the best software tool in making games and animations for the web.

As the years went by, however, its deficiencies have become more apparent to developers and users alike. Loading a Flash site can take a while and takes a toll on the batteries of the user's laptop.

Virtually all smartphones can now connect to the Internet but no support for Flash. Lately, major browers such as Firefox have disabled support for Flash due to security vulnerabilities.

HTML 5, however, has features similar to Flash if not better in terms of creating animation and user interaction. It is also more secure and its standards are accepted by most of the web community.

For Adobe, embracing HTML 5 will also make its Flash Professional CC more versatile instead of limiting it to creating Flash content.

Flash is not going away as Adobe has decided to continue to support it albeit under a different name. The support will most likely be limited to removal of security vulnerabilities.

Wired reported that the renamed animation tool will also have new features added by early part of 2016. But a number of industry observers are having doubts if Flash would receive the security upgrade it sorely needs, now that its developers have decided to relegate it to the background.

Adobe has also announced that it is also coordinating with major browsers such as Google and social media companies like Facebook to make sure that sites using Flash are safe for users to visit or use.

Despite the growing popularity of HTML 5, it will take some time for content creators to entirely shift away from Flash since it still has capabilities that the new web animation tool has yet to have.

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