Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Massively Overweight Chinese Couple Start Weight Loss Program to Have Kids

Overweight couple

(Photo : Getty Images/Keystone Features) An overweight Chinese couple have decided to submit themselves to a hospital to undergo a weight loss program in order to improve their chances of having kids.

A Chinese couple who have a combined weight of around 400 kilograms have decided to undergo a weight loss program. The two are now staying at a Jilin hospital in the north eastern part of China to start their treatment.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple in their late twenties, submitted themselves to the hospital for weight loss treatment after traveling more than 2,700 kilometers from their home in Sichuan. At the hospital, they underwent a preliminary check in order to determine what kind of physical and medical regimen best suits them.

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Even before they got married, the two were reportedly already overweight. The husband Lin is a factory worker who stands over 1.6 meters has a waist line 160 cm. The wife Deng is a nurse and stands at little over 1.6 meters but has a bigger waistline than her husband at 170 cm.

Compared to the average Chinese couple, Lin and Deng's combined weight is 300 percent heavier. The couple wore customized clothes during their wedding. After work, they go straight home where they simply have their food and clothes delivered through the internet.

The two are reluctant to be seen in public because many people in China have a negative view on people who are massively overweight.

The couple are content with their bodies and lifestyle except that they have decided to have kids. They believe that losing much of their weight can improve their chances of conceiving a child of their own.

The hospital has started the couple on program that consists of exercises and dieting. However, no one at the hospital will say if the two will need to undergo surgery to remove their excess weight.

Deng said that she would like to have a new set of wedding pictures with her husband showing their slimmer body.

China's heaviest woman underwent a gastric bypass surgery in early November in order to loss weight. The patient has been identified as Qian Qian who lives in the Changchun province. She weighed over 250 kilograms before the surgery. Doctors expect her to lose at least 45 kilograms within a year of the surgery.

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