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Cloud Strife Now Available in Super Smash Bros 4, Final Downloadable Character in 2016 Revealed

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(Photo : Dan R. Krauss/Getty Images) There are so many fans who are still wondering if there is another game in progress. However, Sakurai said that creating another game title may not happen again.

Finally, players of “Super Smash Bros” for the Wii U and 3DS systems are getting the new character that was announced last month. Not just that, Nintendo decided to surprise everybody with shocking news.

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Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife has been added to that big roster of characters in the game. He is available for download at $6 on either one of the consoles or $7 for both.

Cloud reportedly comes with two sets of costumes: one with a simple design as found in the original Final Fantasy VII, and the other a more intricately designed garb from Final Fantasy: Advent Children. He also comes with a stage based on one of the most iconic locations from his home game, Midgar.

Players, who purchase Cloud, will also be able to customize their Miis (game avatars) with Final Fantasy-themed items, such as a chocobo hat or an outfit for Geno. Geno is a character from Super Mario RPG, a game developed by Square Enix for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nintendo also shocked fans by unveiling the final character who will be smashing early next year.

Reports indicate that Bayonetta, from the Bayonetta game series made by Platinum Games, will be joining the game.

Those, who will purchase Bayonetta once she becomes available in February, will also have different costumes: her original costume with long hair; one short-haired version from Bayonetta 2, and another costume based on Jeanne, another character in the series. A stage based on the Umbra Clock Tower will be thrown in as well.

According to Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai, Bayonetta was the top choice based on worldwide fan votes, thus Nintendo decided to let her join the smashing.

Just like Cloud, Bayonetta will also be sold for $6 in one system, or $7 for both.

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