Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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US Should Take Share of Responsibility for North Korea Nuclear Issues - China

US Should Take Its Share Of Responsibility on North Korea Nuclear Issues--China

(Photo : Getty Images) China has called on the United States to stop passing the blame for North Korea's nuclear issues to Beijing and start taking its share of responsibility in solving the problem.

A senior Chinese diplomat, tired of the United States' passing the buck on North Korea's issues to Beijing, has called on President Barack Obama to take his share of responsibility and not leave it all to China.

"China will fulfill its own responsibility but cannot replace the share of the US. The US should not always think about passing the problem to China," said Fu Ying, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the National People's Congress and former Deputy Foreign Minister, during a forum at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

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Fu said China is reaffirming its position to resolve the North Korea nuclear issues through peaceful means and opposes the use of violence or any other methods that would jeopardize China's national security.

                                                      Confused and furious

The Chinese diplomat questioned the recent US' actions of saying one thing but doing a different thing.

"On the North Korea nuclear issue, the US, has, on one hand, asked for cooperation from China, but on the other hand, is discussing with its allies the deployment of THAAD ( Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) in South Korea," she emphasized.

"This makes the Chinese confused and furious," she lamented.

                                                     THAAD deployment

Fu's comments comes following talks between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State John Kerry where Wang relayed Beijing's opposition to the planned US deployment of THAAD in South Korea to counter North Korea's missile tests.

Wang said the US missile system could be used against China and will put China's national security interests at risk.

China is backing a new UN Security Council resolution which would make Pyongyang 'pay the necessary price' for its missile test in January and rocket launch early this month.

                                                       Sovereign state

Talks are reported to be already underway between the US and South Korea for the deployment of the THAAD this week in response to North Korea's belligerent actions.

Reacting to the ongoing disagreement between Beijing and Washington over the North Korea issues, Sun Xingjie, an international relations professor at the Jilin University, reiterated that North Korea exercises sovereignty over its land and people and thus, cannot be controlled by another country.

He said that this simple fact has been repeatedly misunderstood by even the most powerful of countries.

"Every relevant country should take its own responsibility. If China's policy over North Korea is called a failure, the policies of all relevant countries, including the US, are failures because all these efforts failed to curb its nuclear development," he pointed out. 

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